Year 6

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Summer Term 1 2019-2020

Spring Term 2 2019-2020
Y6 Class Newsletter Spring 2 2019-20
Years 5&6 Spring T1&2 (B) Topic Web_Back to the Future 2019_20

After keeping a moon diary for a month and observing the phases of the moon, we presented our learning with a little help from some Oreo biscuits!

Spring Term 1 2019-20
Year 6 Class Newsletter Spring 1 2019-20
Years 5&6 Spring T1&2 (B) Topic Web_Back to the Future 2019_20

As our theme is Back to the Future, we undertook several challenges in our Astronaut Academy to test our aptitude. The Stroop Test assessed our mental skills and a ruler drop test assessed our reaction time. We plotted our results on a graph.

We completed a range of NASA devised fitness challenges and afterwards made our own space banana smoothies. Delicious!

During the afternoon we were busy decorating our Eggonauts and testing our atmosphere re- entry designs. Would the egg break from a 2 metre height? It really was ‘eggciting’ to watch the testing process!

We made a scaled model of the solar system. Jupiter was a watermelon and Mercury a peppercorn! We stood the approximate distance from the sun (Neptune was in the PE cupboard!)  and orbited the sun anti-clockwise.

Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Years 5&6 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_terrible tudors 2019_20

Tudor Christmas Celebration
Our classroom was full of festive spirit for our Tudor Christmas Celebration. So much effort had been made in dressing up, which really set the scene. We made beautifully designed pomanders, angel decorations and tried our hand at quilling to make a Tudor rose Christmas card. The results looked amazing. As we enjoy any opportunity to make food and drink as part of our topic celebrations, we made a spicy ginger punch made from ginger ale, cinnamon sticks, orange and lemon slices. Delicious!

In the afternoon we challenged year 5 to a “Strictly Come Dancing Tudor Dance – Off”. As part of our PE curriculum this term we practised formal Tudor dances so it was a perfect opportunity to showcase them.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see the musical adaptation of The Boy in the Dress with the rest of KS2. David Walliam’s book was truly brought to life!
Visit to Hampton Court
On 18th November we left school early with year 5 to visit the ultimate Tudor venue, Hampton Court Palace. We spent the day exploring the palace, learning more about the challenges Henry VIII faced to secure his throne, and took part in a drama workshop to explore his earlier life. Our research on life in Tudor times this term enabled us to bring it all to life. Standing in the Great Hall,we imagined the banquets that Henry hosted, and the opportunities for paupers to take left over food from the table.

After studying the features on non-standard English, Year 6 wrote some dialogue between William Shakespeare and Ma Trowte (a character from their class text “A Road to London”). They then performed their scripts for the class. The contrast between Shakespeare’s standard English and Ma Trowte’s non-standard English was very entertaining.

Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Year 6 Parent Newsletter AT1 2019
Years 5&6 AT1 (B) Topic Web_terrible tudors 2019_20

Tudor WOW Day
We had a fun filled WOW day preparing for a Tudor Feast. On the menu was a variety of food including jumble biscuits, where the pastry was boiled before being baked in the oven. We also made meatballs, honey cake and a potage soup using lovage from our school herb garden.

We worked on computers in pairs in our new Hub to research the daily life of Tudor children (rich and poor). We created a Sway presentation to include our information.

Our week at PGL at Boreatton Park was certainly one to remember! We overcame our fears, attempted new challenges (some involving heights! ) and worked together to solve problems.