Year 6

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Summer Term 2
Y6 Summer T2 Curriculum letter 2017
Y5&6 Summer Term 1&2 topic web – Inside Out

Goodbye Year 6
So, another year comes to an end and I would like to wish Year 6  a fantastic (and well-deserved) break in the summer. You have been a really fun group to teach and I learnt a lot about you all. Good-luck for Southam College, Shottery, KES and Gilsborough; you will shine and they are lucky to have you!
Mr Roberts

Final Production
Last week Year 6 were acting and singing their hearts out in our production of “Bugsy Malone”. As you can see from the picture , children went to town with their costumes and their American accents set the whole production off brilliantly. A massive thank-you to all the children, parents and staff involve in this wonderful end to the year.

Thank-you to Miss Baker for organising a terrific Chemistry session with Nick from Warwick University. Amongst all the bangs, bubbles and blue liquid, we learned lots about states of matter, unusual chemical reactions and the lengths companies go to to make the unscientific sound scientific! Nick was a brilliant, enthusiastic communicator and he made learning a joy.

You can see clips of the experiments one and two here.

Summer Term 1

Learning Conversation 26th May 2017

Year  6 had a great time on the SATS walk last week. We walked from Harbury all the way to Bishops Itchington. Miss Fowler met us with a smile (and some chips) at the park. Year 6 had a fantastic time playing and it was a thoroughly deserved treat after all their efforts in SATS.

Spring Term 2
Y6 Curriculum letter Spring 2 2017
Yrs 5&6 Summer T1&2 (A) Topic Inside Out 2016_17
Mountains Project
Year 6 Homework 10.3.17

Year 6 have been investigating what the ideal dimensions should be for a child’s wardrobe. They took a series of measurements of heights, reach and span to calculate a mean average result. Some groups compared this to the median average.

Spring Term 1
Y6 Spring 1 – Curriculum letter 2017
Y5&6 Spring T1 (A) Topic Web – Where do they speak French

Rooftoppers Gymnastics!
Inspired by the book “Roof toppers”, we have been using our gymnastics lessons to pretend we are on the roof tops of Paris balancing along telegraph wires and window ledges, jumping between chimney pots and scaling drain pipes.

Year 6 have been busy scientists this week, planning their scientific investigation about shadows. The children had a play with the torches in the darkened classroom to get them thinking about the aspect of shadows they would like to find out more about. Enjoy the strange shadow creations.

An afternoon of Drama
On Friday 20th January, Year 6 were thrilled to welcome four PGCE students from Warwick University. As we entered the classroom  after lunch, we could not believe the transformation: the class was full of interesting artefacts and the children were keen to know more! They were at Harbury to introduce the book Flotsam and to lead a series of Reading and  Drama activities.

As you can see from the photos, the children were totally engaged and we all learned a lot as well as having a lot of fun.

Autumn Term 2
Y6 AT2 Curriculum letter 2016
Yrs 5&6 Autumn 2 (A) Topic – Chocolate 2016_17
Year 6 Homework_extra reasoning activity_ 4.11

Year 6 chocolate wow day!
In the morning we designed and made our own chocolate. We created a net for the chocolate packaging complete with QR code! Finally we thought of names for our chocolate – the Pharaoh, Tuesday Bar, Magic Mint.

In the afternoon we tried a Mayan chocolate drink made from cocoa, chilli powder, water, cinnamon and honey. Reactions to it were mixed!

Finally we did a blind taste test with dark, milk and white chocolate.
y6-chocolate-wow-day-1 y6-chocolate-wow-day-3 y6-chocolate-wow-day-4 y6-chocolate-wow-day-5 y6-chocolate-wow-day-2









Learning about safety
DHL came to visit our school on Friday 3rd November with an enormous lorry! All of us in Year 6 were amazed at how long (16m) and high (4m) the lorry was as we stood next to it. Year 6 learned about the four “blind spots” for the lorry driver and the importance of not being anywhere near these areas. Thank you to Craig and Sid and Mr Dufty from DHL for making this happen.

the-islandThe Island
“The Island”, written by Armin Gerber, was used by Year 6 as a starting point for discussions about Modern British Values. We produced writing exploring the concept of tolerance in the form of letters from the islanders and the mysterious stranger who was washed ashore. The week was concluded by having a debate about the motion “The islanders were right to exile the Stranger from their island.”

Autumn Term 1 2016
Y6 Autumn T1 Class Letter 2016
Y6 Autumn 1 Mini topic web (A) – PGL
PGL reminder letter Sept 2016