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Spring Term 1 2017-18
Y6 Spring 1 Class newsletter 2017_18
Year 6 Spring 1 (B) Topic – Back to the Future 2017_18

Learning Conversation 9th February 2018

The Moon visits Harbury!
Year 6 were filled with awe and wonder when they had the chance to look at rock and soil samples collected by NASA astronauts during Apollo missions in the 1970’s. The children also had the unique opportunity to actually hold meteorites from outer space!
These rare samples were provided free of charge by the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), which provides educational packs in a bid to inspire young people to get into science.

Having the moon in school was perfect timing as Year 6 have been learning about the phases of the moon and why it appears to change shape. The Oreo biscuits worked well as representations of each phase, even if they were a little crumbly, and best of all the diagrams were edible!

Year 6 began their new topic by attending an ‘Astronaut Training Academy’. Their morning tasks included a reaction test, communication skills, mental and physical testing.  During the afternoon teams had to design and make a re-entry capsule for an ‘eggonaut’. With a limit budget of 150 Astro dollars, the children had to plan their resources carefully. After extensive testing only one ‘eggonaut’ made it safely back to Earth – well done team Orbit!

The whole day was really fun but my favourite part was the eggonaut – Joe
I liked the strop test which really tested your mental skills – Cleo
The reaction test proved me wrong. I thought I had slow reactions! – Phoebe
Building with Lego whilst wearing gloves was really difficult. Your team needed good communication skills – Sam

Autumn Term 2 2017-18
Y6 Autumn 2 newsletter
Y5&6 Autumn 2 (B) Topic Web – Tudors 2017_18
Book list of 100 books to try and read before you leave Year 6

Year 6 have been testing construction materials in preparation for making their Tudor gong vehicles. They joined wood and card with different adhesives to make sturdy corners – sellotape seemed to hold the best!









There was a lot of excitement about our recent ‘potions’ lessons, where the children mixed solids and liquids in an attempt to inflate latex gloves and a selection of balloons.



Autumn Term 1 2017-18
Y6 Autumn 1 newsletter
Y5&6 Autumn 1 (B) Topic Web – Tudors 2017_18
Tudor Homework Project

Tudor WOW Day

Summer Term 2 2016-17
Y6 Summer T2 Curriculum letter 2017
Y5&6 Summer Term 1&2 topic web – Inside Out

Goodbye Year 6
So, another year comes to an end and I would like to wish Year 6  a fantastic (and well-deserved) break in the summer. You have been a really fun group to teach and I learnt a lot about you all. Good-luck for Southam College, Shottery, KES and Gilsborough; you will shine and they are lucky to have you!
Mr Roberts

Final Production
Last week Year 6 were acting and singing their hearts out in our production of “Bugsy Malone”. As you can see from the picture , children went to town with their costumes and their American accents set the whole production off brilliantly. A massive thank-you to all the children, parents and staff involve in this wonderful end to the year.

Thank-you to Miss Baker for organising a terrific Chemistry session with Nick from Warwick University. Amongst all the bangs, bubbles and blue liquid, we learned lots about states of matter, unusual chemical reactions and the lengths companies go to to make the unscientific sound scientific! Nick was a brilliant, enthusiastic communicator and he made learning a joy.

You can see clips of the experiments one and two here.





Summer Term 1 2016-17

Year  6 had a great time on the SATS walk last week. We walked from Harbury all the way to Bishops Itchington. Miss Fowler met us with a smile (and some chips) at the park. Year 6 had a fantastic time playing and it was a thoroughly deserved treat after all their efforts in SATS.