Year 5

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Summer Term 2 2017
Y5 Summer T2 Curriculum letter 2017
Y5&6 Summer Term 1&2 topic web – Inside Out
Inside Out mini-project

Learning Conversation 14th July 2017

Inspiring Chemistry
The amazing and very funny Nick came from University of Warwick to demonstrate some amazing chemistry to Years 5 & 6. There were colour changes, huge amounts of foam, explosions and frozen bananas! It was very inspirational. Thank you Nick!

You can see clips of the experiments one and two here.

‘It was really fun! It was nice to have Nick come in and teach us how to do some of the science’ – Maddi

‘It was very inspiring and made me and a few of my friends want to be scientists’ – Phoebe

‘I found the chemistry really interesting because he made sure everyone knew what it was and he was really funny- he should be a comedian!’ – Sophie

Making Skeletons!
We learned the names of lots of different bones, for example, mandible, cranium, humerus, patella, tibia and fibula and metatarsals.  We looked at model human skeletons and real parts of animal skeletons. Then we made our own!

Class Assembly
This week we performed our class assembly. As well as teaching others about the circulatory system, we told stories of broken hearts. Here’s one that Matt and Courtney created.

Heart dissection
On Monday Professor Gowland kindly volunteered to show us all about the heart. We measured our pulses and our blood pressures. Small groups worked to dissect pig hearts (we thought about Trudy from Pig Heart Boy), and those who were brave enough even had a go with the scalpel themselves! It was amazing!

Thank you from all of Year 5!

Learning Conversation 30th June 2017

Making Lungs!
We created a scientific model to show how the ribs and diaphragm help the lungs work. We could see the balloon lungs inflating and deflating as we moved the plastic bag diaphragm! It was an exercise in perseverance but everyone’s model worked in the end! A big thanks to the children who remembered their bottle and plastic bag. You can veiw our video by clicking on the photo.





Working together to calculate area and perimeter
Team work was particularly important in this maths lesson- the children were concentrating hard!

Summer Term 1 2017
Yr 5 Curriculum letter Summer 2017
Yrs 5&6 Summer T1&2 (A) Topic Inside Out 2016_17

Performance Poetry
This week we wrote our own poems about the body, using rhythm and rhyme. We then practised them in small groups and then performed them to the class (sitting in the shade!).

On a rainy day we tried P.E. in the classroom- there were some amazing dance moves from the boys!




Inside Out
Our new theme is Inside Out. We tried to place the organs of the body correctly. It was harder than you might think- especially when they kept blowing away in the wind!



Science Week
The children completed lots of practical experiments during science week. We made lots of mess with chemistry and learnt a lot about wind turbines.

Spring Term 2 2017
Y5 Curriculum letter Spring 2 2017
Yrs 5&6 Spring 2 (A) Topic web_On Top Of The World
Mountains_Homework Project

Rehearsing for Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Spring Term 1 2017
Y5 Spring 1 – Curriculum letter 2017
Y5&6 Spring T1 (A) Topic Web – Where do they speak French

Shadow Theatre
We used our knowledge of light to create shadow theatre. There were special effects, like changing the size of shadows or using translucent material to change colour. Some of us used our class book ‘Rooftoppers’ to inspire our scenes.







Excitement on the playground
The children were really excited to try out some new playground equipment and enjoyed teaching each other new skills.

Electing new school councillors
Year 5 have had a class election for a new school councillor. We took the most of the opportunity to learn about democracy (a Modern British Value) and made our election as much like a real one as we could. The candidates for our constituency made speeches about why they would make good councillors. We then held a live televised debate- hosted by the popular political correspondent Teddy.

When it was time to vote we queued at the polling station, staffed by volunteers Grace, Jacob and Joe, who were supervised by Rory. The team was kept very busy making sure the vote was carried out legally and fairly. We filled out our ballot papers privately in the polling booth and put them into the ballot box.The Acting Returning Officer announced that the winner of the election was Maisie. Congratulations Maisie!





Mutual Respect
We have been reflecting on the Modern British Value of Mutual Respect. We thought of ways to show to others that we respect them, even when we have different opinions. We wrote our ideas on our hand shapes and decorated them.












Science – Light
This week we planned an investigation into light and shadows. We decided what variable to change and what to measure. Then we worked out what variables we needed to keep the same.

If you wanted to bring in your own torch for carrying out your investigation, please bring it on Tuesday. It will be helpful to label it with your name.







A creative afternoon
The children worked with teachers from Warwick University on Friday afternoon. Inspired by the book ‘Flotsam’, they designed creative eco-homes made from recycled materials.









Investigating Light
Year 5 completing some interesting investigations into light, proving that light travels in straight lines.









The Math Curse
We have been inspired by the book ‘The Math Curse’ to find Maths in the real world. Children solved everyday problems from the book and wrote problems of their own they had spotted in school or at home.












Autumn Term 2 2016
Yrs 5&6 Autumn 2 (A) Topic – Chocolate 2016_17
Y5 AT2 Homework Project Chocolate

Design ans technology
We have been practising persevering during our sewing D&T project. We need to be able to thread our own needles, tie on and off and to plan our designs. We used running stitch, cross-stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.

We made and played with equivalent fraction and decimal dominoes.




Homework Projects
Well done to everyone for their Chocolate Projects. These were very grown up and the children had used lots of literacy skills to create them.





Year 5 have been practising rolling in P.E. We have tried pencil rolls, teddy-bear rolls, forward rolls and something we’ve called a bread roll. This week some of us tried a double forward roll!
y5-rolling-4 y5-rolling-3 y5-rolling-2 y5-rolling-1 y5-rolling-6 y5-rolling-5









Autumn Term 1 2016
Y5 Autumn T1 Mini Topic Web (A) – Rivers
Y5 Autumn T1 2016 Class Letter

The Island by Armin Greder
This week we have been reading ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. When the people of an island find a man sitting on their shore, they immediately reject him because he is different. Full of fear, the islanders lock him in a goat pen, refuse him work, and feed him scraps they would normally feed a pig. As their fears progress into hate, they force him into the sea.

To understand the story better we have explored it using drama before creating writing based on it. We have been making links between the book and the real world.

y5-the-island-2 y5-the-island-3 y5-the-island-4

This week’s handball matches showed lots of teamwork and communication skills.
y5-handball-2 y5-handball-1 y5-handball-3

Homework Projects
Some very exciting river projects have been arriving in school. The classroom is full of exciting models and the children have begun presenting them to the class and explaining the research they have done on their chosen topic. Well done everyone! Cleo’s cake waterfall, with facts she had researched written on the fish, was particularly popular!
y5-projects-2 y5-projects-1





Year 5 have been working in teams to open their own theme park business and have been trying to make a profit. Ben and Sam panicked when they thought they’d forgotten the staff’s wages!

The children have been developing their problem solving skills and have been calculating with large amounts of money.
y5-maths-1 y5-maths-2 y5-maths-3

Year 5 have created a dance based on Edvard Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’. Over the weeks the children have developed skills, learned the story of this section of ‘Peer Gynt’ and built up and added to their dance routine.

This week we filmed their final performance and watched it back, giving feedback to the groups afterwards.





Year 5 learning the story of the Good Samaritan through drama activities.