Year 5

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Spring Term 2 2018_19
Y5 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – On Top of the World 2018_19

Pi Day
As part of International Pi Day, we investigated the circumference and area of shapes in school. We colour coded the first 50 numbers of pi and plotted a lined map to create a piece of art.







An Explorer came to visit us
Mr Murphy came to speak to us about his exciting trip to the Himalayas in 2017. The pictures were phenomenal and it gave us all perspective on Everest and the surrounding peaks.








Steel Pans
Year 5 were well represented as part of the school’s Steel Pan Concert. We were treated to an assembly the next day with a wide variety of music.






Spring Term 1 2018-19
Y5 Spring T1 newsletter 2019
Y5 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – On Top of the World 2018_19

Screen Use
Mrs Gimson presented to year 5 on the topic of screen use. Lots of information to help us plan our balanced argument!



Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Y5 Autumn T1&2 (A) Topic Web – Chocolate

Our trip to Cadbury World before half term was filled with chocolate tasting, making and learning about the history of chocolate.

Odd Socks!
Year 5 children very much enjoyed working with Reception children last week as part of Anti –Bullying week. Our task was to create a dot design and year 5 very much enjoyed encouraging and supporting their Reception friends.





We have been very excited about the lead up to the live transmission from the RSC this week of Romeo and Juliet. In order to prepare we acted out various scenes and created freeze frames in the playground. This really helped with our understanding.









Autumn Term 1 2018-19
Y5 Class letter AT1 2018
Years 5 Autumn T1&2 (A) Topic Web – Chocolate

Summer Term 2 2017-18
Y5 Summer 2 Newsletter 2017_18
Year 5 Summer 1 & 2 (B) topic – Groovy Greeks 2017_18

Summer Term 1 2017-18
Y5 Summer 1 Curriculum Newsletter 2017_18
Year 5 Summer 1 & 2 (B) topic – Groovy Greeks 2017_18

Year 5 went MAD!
At the MAD museum in Stratford that is!  After having to postpone their trip due to the snow earlier in the year, the children were really looking forward to a morning exploring the interactive exhibits of the Mechanical Art and Design (MAD) Museum.  From the moment the children stepped into the museum, they were instantly captivated by the whirring of cogs and cams and the intricate movements of these amazing inventions.  The marble run room proved to be very popular and the class demonstrated excellent collaborative working skills to make the most extreme marble runs imaginable!  There were automata that could draw, like the one in the class novel Hugo, as well as fascinating films about how some of these creations were made or operated.
Here’s one we made earlier!

What the children thought…
“It was unique and really fun!” – Lacey
“The marble run room was full of ideas” – Jake
“I likes reading all the information about the exhibits – it was really interesting” – Margaux
“Creative” – Bayley
“Unexpected and exciting” – Grace
“It was MAD!” –Matt
“The mini cinema had a really interesting film in it” – Kallum
“The whole place made me want to explore!” – Wilbur
“It was detailed and eye-catching” – Emma
“MAD is exactly what it was!” – Lilah