Year 4

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We Love world book day
It’s our favourite day of the year and the costumes did in no way disappoint!

Spring Term 2 2018_19
Year 4 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows

Pi Day
It was such a treat to meet up with our Y2 learning partners and share an activity. To celebrate the curiousness of Pi we made bead bracelets with 3 (red) beads, 1 (green) bead, 4(blue) etc.





Investigating plants
As part of our science topic on plants, we dissected a lily flower and found the stamens, stigma, style and ovary.

Reflection Area
After reflecting on the value of courage ,we created artwork to show the courage Jesus showed on Good Friday.



To learn about the features of a river, we worked collaboratively to make a river in a tray.



Spring Term 1 2018-19
Year 4 Spring Term 1 2019 curriculum letter
Year 4 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows

Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Y4 AT2 2018 curriculum letter
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II

Design and Technology
The children used their reading skills to follow a recipe accurately to make trench stew; a famous World War Two meal. They measured and chopped all of the ingredients safely and carefully. They even got to eat the final product!











Diary Entry
The children have been analysing the features of Anne Frank’s diary entries in preparation to write their own one, in a similar style. They have had to categorise specific vocabulary in order to understand which tense, person and suffixes to use correctly.





The children enjoyed acting out various scenes from Romeo and Juliet, which gave them a concrete understanding of Shakespearian language and the characters interactions. From this, they managed to produce a written outcome, using direct speech to punctuate a conversation between two characters.

Autumn Term 1 2018-19
Y4 AT1 2018 curriculum letter
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II

We have been learning about the artist Laurence Stephen Lowry.

We looked at a range of his paintings and described his style, and then everyone had the chance to recreate his wartime painting; entitled ‘After the Blitz’.
First we used watered down grey and black paint to create the sky and background buildings.
Next we used a mixture of coloured papers and pastels to create the main structures.
Finally we used drawing pencils to add our ‘matchstick figures’

What a wonderful job Year 4!.

We made cheese scones, here is our recipe

Summer Term 2 2017-18
Years 3 & 4 Summer 2 (B) Topic – Invaders 2017-18

Summer Term 1 2017-18
Y4 Summer 1 curriculum letter 2018
Years 3&4 Summer 1 (B) topic – What did the romans ever do for us 2017_18

Learning about Romans
Congratulations to the whole of Year 4 who performed their class assembly with great efficiency. We learnt so much and managed to have a lot of fun researching and making our costumes and props.
The learning continued into the afternoon where we had our Roman WOW Day. We got to sample a variety of different foods the Romans would have eaten during our feast!

We had the opportunity to recreate battles and perform for each other as the Romans would have done for their entertainment.