Year 4

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Summer Term 1 2020
Year 4 Class letter Summer T1 2019-20
Year 3 & 4 Summer T1 (B) Topic web – Invaders

Year 4 have really engaged with their new topic ‘Invaders!’ This half term they have been studying the Rotten Romans, starting by reading the famous story of how Rome was created, ‘Romulus and Remus.’ The children have really familiarised themselves with this text and have already produced some fabulous pieces of work such as writing discussions and monologues. They have also explored the different invasions and life as a Roman Soldier.











Year 4 have created some lovely mosaics, adapted from Ancient Roman patterns with their own personal twists.











WOW day
Our Roman (home based) WOW day has been a great success! The children have been learning about Roman roads in England, creating their own shields, practising their Roman Numerals and creating their own models of the Colosseum! So lovely to see everyone get involved. Here are some pictures from Year 4’s Class Dojo.



Spring Term 2 2019-20
Year 4 Spring 2 Class Letter 2019-20
Y3 & Y4 Spring T1 & T2 (B) Topic web- The World of Africa 2019_20


Spring Term 1 2019-20
Year 4 Spring 1 Class Letter 2019-20
Y3 & Y4 Spring T1 & T2 (B) Topic web- The World of Africa 2019_20

The world of Africa
Year 4 have made a brilliant start with their brand new topic ‘The world of Africa!’ In a short amount of time, they have challenged stereotypes, discovered key changes in African history and have enjoyed reading their class text ‘Journey to Jo’burg’, a book that based around the time of South Africa’s apartheid. Inspired by their text, the students through drama depicted a scene from the story specific to the lives of Naledi and Tiro during the time of the apartheid. The children showed great empathy and understanding of different characters’ perspectives.


Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed creating their front covers for their new topic, practising the stippling technique and producing some lovely art work.





To match the theme, the reading corner has also transformed from a reading ‘cave’ to a reading ‘hut’. As part of the Year 4 Reading celebration, the children have contributed to their corner greatly, by writing down books that they are reading with a brief review and adding it to the reading display. What a great start!




Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Year 4 AT2 Class letter November 2019
Y4 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_Fire and Earth 2019

Crafty Afternoons
Perseverance, resilience and determination were just some of the skills needed by Year 4 each Wednesday afternoon this term. Testing their fine motor skills, the children made counted cross stitch pictures. Here are some of the completed designs.

Can you see me?
Inspired by our class text for this half term- The Firework Maker’s Daughter, the children have had an ‘illuminating’ experience investigating light and shadows! The children explore how certain objects are harder to see in the dark than others and hunted for items that reflect, absorb and transmit light. Most recently, they have learned about how shadows are formed and created instructions on how to create a shadow.

Stone Age clothes
Finally finished! Year 4 have worked incredibly hard, creating clothes that were believed to be worn during the Stone Age. After careful research into the topic, the children through Mrs Marshall Hardy’s guidance have developing skills in sewing and product design and have added extra accessories linked to the Stone Age. It has been incredible to see their resourcefulness and creativity develop during this project.





The Firework Maker’s Daughter
Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed reading our class text ‘The Firework Maker’s daughter. They would describe the book as a ‘page turner’ and have explore the features of stories written from other cultures. The children have studied this text in-depth, analysing the contributions of each character to the story and empathising with their relationships to one other another. This has been a wonderful opportunity for Year 4 to participate in some drama activities where they paired up and each child took on the role of either Lila or her father Lalchand from the story.

Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Y4 AT1 class letter Sept 2019
Y4 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_Fire and Earth 2019

Week Commencing 30.09.19 – Computing Week
Year 4 had a fantastic week this week enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the computing curriculum. We were able to check out our new computer suite (The Hub) and everyone was so excited to finally have their own computer to work on! We practised logging on and creating safe and robust passwords then had a go at making our own maths rounding game using Scratch! Later in the week, the children used iPads to collect and manipulate photographs for digital art and learned about what it means to be ‘Share Aware’. We also discussed our digital footprint and collected data about what Year 4 like to do online and how long they spend having screen time in maths. It was an amazing week and we are all looking forward to using the new computers more in the future!

Thursday 26th September – European Day of Languages
Year 4 had a fun filled and enriching day learning Spanish as a language as well as delving further into its culture and history. They practising using day to day phrases in Spanish and used this to fill in some speech bubbles from a comic. They thorough enjoyed learning a new song and could recall the meaning of the words behind it. We also explored surrealism, a concept inspired by Spanish painter ‘Joan Miro’. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed interpreting the paintings and creating their own rendition of Miro’s work. Overall it was a fantastic experience and we are excited to learn more!

Thursday 12th September
Year 4 got their new topic, Earth & Fire off to a ‘ROCKing’ start this term with a Stone Age workshop! The children were able to hear about what life was like for Prehistoric man and even handle some authentic stone age artefacts. Og, our very own caveman for the day, told the children stories inspired by the past and they even had a go at cave painting too – it was a brilliant way to launch our new topic

We Love world book day
It’s our favourite day of the year and the costumes did in no way disappoint!