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Summer Term 2 2017
Yr 3&4 Summer T2 (A)Topic – Childhood

Victorian WOW Day

Year4 had a fantastic WOW day on Tuesday. We dressed up as Victorians, experienced the scary Victorian ‘Miss Bunce’, tried the Dunce cap on and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Learning how to have afternoon tea and crumpets with good manners was another highlight!

A special visitor!
We had an exciting visitor in last week – George’s pet bearded dragon called Larry. What an amazing opportunity to see an interesting reptile up close. We even got to see Larry have his lunch (a fast moving grasshopper). Thank you George and George’s mum for the experience!

On Election Day, Year 4 voted for their favourite party along with the rest of the nation. We had some discussion about what each party stood for and then took part in a ballot. We enjoyed learning how to make our vote and put into a ballot box.

Visit to Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood
We had a fantastic time going to Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood to kick start our Childhood Topic. The workshop about Grandma’s toys was very informative. The children particularly enjoyed climbing the chimney like a Victorian child, and of course the playground! Thank you to our parent helpers who came along.

Year 4 Showcase their homework projects


Summer Term 1 2017
Yr 4 Summer term 1 newsletter 2017
Yr 3&4 Summer T1 (A) Topic – Wind in the Willows 2016-17

Food Chains
We used the Wind in the Willows characters this week as inspiration for our science learning by researching their food chains. What would Toad, Badger, Rat and Mole eat, and who eats them?! We used the iPads to find out, and learnt some key vocabulary too.

Year 4 enjoyed creating Stop Frame Animations over the last few weeks. We made the props we needed, learnt how to use I Can Animate on the iPad and created two draft versions. Each time, we improved our skills and progressed. The animations were based on a scene from Wind in the Willows (a topic we have been very much enjoying!).

What a Waste!
Year 4 have been learning about the digestive system this week! We have found it fascinating, particularly when Miss Bunce showed us the digestive system in action, using a pair of tights, orange juice and some cornflakes. There were some disgusted faces by the end of it!


Science Week was awesome!
We enjoyed working in groups all week to investigate, design, problem solve and think.

The week started with a helicopter enquiry, where we made paper helicopters and thought about what would make them fall slowly to the ground instead of fast. We invented our own enquiries in pairs and tested them.





At the end of the week, we did our very own version of the Jaguar Challenge. We had to work in groups of 4, come up with a group name and slogan, design a car using 2Design on the computers, and add axles and wheels. On Thursday afternoon, we tested them in the corridors using a ramp.

To end the week, we loved looking around the school to see what everyone had been up to this week. We left comments on post-it notes when we were particularly impressed! Some of the handwriting in Year 2 was incredible!

STEM Challenge
On Tuesday 25th April, Year 4 did the Squashed Tomato Challenge, as part of our Science Week. We were challenged to make a model to transport tomatoes from the desk to the ground without spilling them.

This would help the farmers in Nepal have an easier way of transporting tomatoes without dropping or squashing them on the mountainside. These farmers need to do this job, otherwise they’ll have no money to buy food, feed their families and put roofs over their heads.

We took all day to build them, working in groups of 3 or 4. It took a lot of hard work! In the end we came up with lots of different ideas, including zip wires, ramps and pulleys.






“It was really fun because we had to make transport to get tomatoes down to the floor” – Kyle

“We counted how many tomatoes we could collect in each group. The WWEJ group managed to get 94! Even though our group got fewer tomatoes, it was still really fun” – Madison

“It was fun because we got to work together and because it worked!” – Freddie

“I really enjoyed working in a group all day” – April

“It was a really good day because we got to learn everybody’s weak spots and good spots. Kyle’s good at design. I’m good at engineering, Archie is good at keeping us going by entertaining us and Riley is good at helping out with different things.” – Matt


Spring Term 2 2017
Spring Term 2 2017 curriculum letter
Yrs 3&4 Spring 2 (A) Topic Web _ Transport
Y4 Homework spring 2 week 6

Rehearsing for Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies


Trip to British Motor Museum
We had a fantastic trip to the British Motor Museum on Tuesday. What an incredible place full of old and new vehicles. The children were amazed by the cars, buses and engines they saw.






We enjoyed a science workshop where we learnt about forces and friction by building Lego cars and putting them down different surfaced ramps. We also enjoyed sketching our favourite cars such as the Aston Martins, Lady Penelope’s pink limousine, old racing cars and an orange Maclaren. There were also cars from films such as ‘James Bond’, ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘Tomb Raider’. If you haven’t been before, we would all recommend a visit!

Spring Term 1 2017
Y4 Spring Term 2017 curriculum letter
Y3&4 Spring 1 (A) Topic Web – Egyptians
Year 3 and 4 Homework Project Spring 1


Safer Internet Day
For Safer Internet Day, the theme was ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’. We discussed the power of images, how they are used on social media and how to write positive comments. The children learnt how to make positive comments on images, in order to not have a negative effect on the owner of the image. We then created posters about being digital citizens.

Ancient Egyptians
We enjoyed designing our very own cartouches (Egyptian name plates). We researched hieroglyphics and found out how to write our own names in hieroglyphics. Then, we used watercolour paints to paint a papyrus type colour, being careful to mix our colours well.




We are really enjoying our new topic on Ancient Egyptians – we have so many questions to answer already. This week we enjoyed writing our names in Hieroglyphics and describing the setting of a pyramid.


Maths Week
We have been reading The Maths Curse in class this week. We also enjoyed making pizza box projects, after a kind donation by Lee, the manager of Dominos Rugby. The children are working independently to find different ways of representing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and making equivalent fractions.


Autumn Term 2 2016
Y4 Autumn Term 2 2016 curriculum letter
Yrs 3&4 Autumn 2 (A) Topic – The Borrowers 2016_17

Class update
Year 4 have been enjoying learning many new skills in PE from Mr Purewal. He has been teaching us cricket recently. We are getting better at fielding, teamwork and hand-eye coordination.




Ewan and Matt made us some edible homework this week. We all enjoyed trying Ewan’s cake, made out of leftover ingredients. It was surprisingly delicious! Matt’s soup was also delicious to have on a cold winter’s morning.





Thanks to everyone’s recycling donations, we have been enjoying making musical instruments in our DT work. The children worked so hard to design, create and evaluate their instruments.









Our Class Assembly
Year 4 worked so hard to put together their WW2 Remembrance Day assembly. I was very proud of all their effort and teamwork. We enjoyed writing the script together, putting on the small plays and discovering some very good acting skills in our class! The costumes looked fab too! Well done to all the children and parents who helped. Thank you to Mrs Marshall-Hardy for doing so much work with the props.

y4-ww2-assembly-2 y4-ww2-assembly-1







Autumn Term 1 2016
Y4 Autumn T1 Class Letter 2016
Y3&4 Autumn T1 Topic Web (A) – World War II
Y4 Homework Autumn 1

WWII Wow day
Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic WWII Wow day on Thursday. Their evacuee costumes were brilliant, and gas mask boxes stayed on their possession at all times!

We did three activities throughout the morning, involving cooking Carrot Cookies, sewing a patch and some old-fashioned Physical Circuit Training outdoors. We also enjoyed doing some Poppy artwork in the afternoon.

Year 4 had a visitor in to see us in the afternoon, a man called Tony Stubbs. He was kind enough to come in and speak to us about his own wartime experience, as he was a child during WWII. We were fascinated to look at his father’s badges, and even see some real-life clothing and food ration books. Thank you so much Tony!

y4-ww2-artifacts-08 y4-ww2-artifacts-10 y4-ww2-visitor-07y4-ww2-visitor-06




Just look at the shocked expression as the children are shown what was used as toilet paper!

A big thank you as well to our parent helpers, as the sewing would not have gone so smoothly without you!

Class update
We are continuing to work hard in Year 4. Lately, we are discovering so much information about World War Two that we barely have time to fit it all in! Some of the children asked lots of questions at home, interviewing grandparents and great-grandparents to find out more from someone who lived during that time.

Library visit
We visited the village library and learnt about democracy, we all lined up to vote about whether we thought the library should but more Fiction or Non-Fiction books. We also learnt more about evacuation and what it meant to be an evacuee in WWII.
y4-library-visit-oct-2 y4-library-visit-oct-7 y4-library-visit-oct





At the moment, we are working on creating radio broadcasts in the style of the WWII wireless. The children have enjoyed getting into character and interviewing ‘eye-witnesses’.

Ribbon request…
If anyone is able to send in offcuts of ribbon to help us with a project in the future, that would be fantastic.

Welcome back to school
Year 4 has been working very hard in the first two weeks. All the children are beginning to understand the expectations and routines. We have enjoyed reading The Lion and the Unicorn as part of our Topic work on World War Two.

We also had a great time on Roald Dahl Day, with many amazing costumes. One of the favourites was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, followed by plenty of Matildas in blue dresses! We also particularly enjoyed the author visit from James Campbell – he made us laugh a lot! Thank you PTA for helping to fund this.
y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-5 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-6 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-7 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-8 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-9 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-1 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-2 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-3 y4-roald-dahl-day-2016-4