Year 3

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Spring Term 2 2018_19
Year 3 Spring T2 Class Newsletter 2019
Y3 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows 2018_19

Learning Conversation 8th March 2019

Spring Term 1 2018-19
Y3 Curriculum Newsletter Spring T1 2018-19
Y3 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows 2018_19

Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Y3 Autumn 2 Class Newsletter 2018
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II

Christmas Jumper Day
Hands up if you’re excited about Christmas!

End of topic street party and learning showcase
The class had a World War 2 themed street party to end their topic.  This included making paper hats, playing beetle drive and of course having some tasty treats.  At the end of the afternoon, we opened the classroom up to parents and family members so that the children could showcase their amazing home learning projects.

Monday 26th November
Year 3 visited the local library today.  They had a fantastic time learning about evacuation  – did you know it wasn’t just children that were evacuated?  Important works of art were moved out of London to keep them safe!  The children also completed a fact-finding mission to see what a typical evacuee would pack in their suitcase.






Wednesday 21st November
Today we are watching a special schools broadcast of the RSC Romeo and Juliet.

Friday 16th November
We had some highly commended poems written by children in our class today!  Representatives from the Southam & District Lions presented the children with these amazing poetry books to say congratulations for their sound poems about the Blitz.







Monday 12th November
Odd Sock Day!  As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we are wearing odd socks to highlight the fact that we are all unique and different!

Friday 9th November
Today we performed our class assembly to parents, friends and the entire school.  Our assembly showcased our recent learning about World War II and also discussed Remembrance Day. It was an assembly full of information, songs, dances but also a 2 minute silence for reflection. We hope you enjoyed it!

Autumn Term1 2018-19
Y3 Class newsletter – AT1 2018
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II

Summer Term 2 2017-18
Y3 Summer 2 Newsletter 2017-18
Years 3 & 4 Summer 2 (B) Topic – Invaders 2017-18

Clean Air Everywhere
With the support of Harbury Energy Initiative and Friends of the Earth, Year 3 have set up 4 air monitoring packs in the village. These will be left for 2 weeks to create a sample of the levels of air pollution. Friends of the Earth will then analysise these results for us and we can then compare them to national levels of air pollution…





Faith in Art week the children have been creating their own Rangoli patterns.
We started by using seeds and pulses and then created our designs our of tissue paper.

Rangoli is an Indian traditional or folk art, usually created on the floor on festive occasions. They use sand, rice and flower petals to create beautiful patterns. The word “rangoli” derives from Sanskrit, and it means “the expression of artistic vision through the joyful use of colour” or “design in colour.”  It is done at the entrance of households or temples, or any place inviting guests on auspicious occasions.

Each colour has special significance:
WHITE: purity, coolness and safety
RED: strength and energy
YELLOW: richness
ORANGE: sacrifice
GREEN: harmony and balance, nature
BLUE: vastness and happiness, peace
Elements of nature

Look at our amazing Viking shields!


Summer Term 1 2017-18
Y3 Summer 1 Newsletter 2017_18
Years 3&4 Summer 1 (B) topic – What did the romans ever do for us 2017_18

Ricardo Visitors
Some engineers from Ricardo in Radford Semele worked with our class to teach us about crash testing.

We were given a budget and a list of things (cornflakes, toilet roll, paper clips, foam, kitchen roll, bubble wrap etc) we could buy to fill two plastic cups with. These plastic cups were then attached to the bumper of the Ricardo car.  The car was then launched down a ramp into a barrier. The barrier was linked to a data logger that measured the impact of the shock.

We learnt that a combination of foam and polystyrene makes the best bumper.

Visit to Chedworth Roman Villa
Year 3 and 4 went to Chedworth Villa, we saw beautiful mosaics. In the dining room the mosaic represented the seasons of the year. The Romans used to eat lying on the sofa on one elbow admiring the mosaics.
By Ryan and Karam

We went on a tour and a lovely lady took us to a room to make craft Roman medicine. The ingredients were barley, bay leaf, garlic, poppy seeds, cumin and coriander. We mashed them all together and made an amazing medicine to smell if you had a blocked nose.
By Joshua and Grace

On Friday 20th April, Year 3 and 4 went to Chedworth Roman Villa. We saw where nature took over. After about 18 hundred years the Victorians found the villa and dug down to find the old mosaics and the hypocaust.
By Liam and Jessie