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Summer Term 2 2018_19
Year 3 Summer T2 Class Letter 2019
Y3 Summer Term 1&2 (A) Topic Web – Tomb Raiders 2019

Friday 21st June

Thursday 13th June Steel pan mini concert
Year 3 were treated to a private mini concert today by some of the talented children who has opted to learn steel pans.  Two Year 3 groups put on an excellent show for their classmates and we all enjoyed the exotic sounds of these unique instruments.


Friday 7th June mummifying oranges
This afternoon the Year 3 classroom was transformed into and Ancient Egyptian Embalming School!  Obviously before the trainee embalmers were allowed to mummify real corpses they would need some training so today they were practising on…oranges! Oranges are the perfect item for a novice embalmer as they have skin, flesh and juices that the trainees needed to deal with.  The oranges were treated with great respect and were washed, had their insides removed, were perfumed, dried and finally wrapped in bandages.  We will check on their progress over the next few weeks…


Thursday 6th June Tennis taster session
Rob came in to our school today to give children in Year 3 & 4 a special tennis coaching session.  I was very impressed with the skill and control that the children in Year 3 showed and who know, maybe there is a future Wimbledon champion waiting to be discovered in our school!


Friday 24th May Sponsored walk
It turned out to be a glorious day for our sponsored walk around the village today.  Everyone taking part had a fantastic time walking, running and jogging around the village and we raised a lot of money for the PTA – well done everyone involved!


Thursday 24th May Senet
Today we learned how to play probably the oldest board game in the world:  Senet.  Invented by the ancient Egyptians, the game is played using throwing sticks, coloured stones and a game board.  It was great fun exploring and learning about this pioneering game.  Afterwards we wrote persuasive texts to advertise the game.






Wednesday 23rd May performed a poem for Reverend Craig
We were sad to say goodbye to Reverend Craig this week who will be leaving the Harbury parish for a new challenge.  Each class presented Revered Craig with a handmade card and performed a poem or selection of our favourite memories.  Year 3 wrote and performed the poem, ’10 things found in Reverend Craig’s suitcase’ and I know he was extremely touched by all of the effort that the classes put into wishing him a fond farewell.

Thursday 16th May Ashmolean trip
On Thursday 16th May, Year 3 & 4 set off to discover the secrets held within the walls of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  Both classes have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian civilization and were looking forward to seeing artefacts from this fascinating period.  At the museum, children were able to view genuine mummies, sketch precious articles and even handle some authentic ancient Egyptian mystery objects – it was a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on with real history!  The Egyptian temple, which is located in the middle of the gallery, was adorned with detailed hieroglyphs and images of pharaohs and gods and the children learned how it was transported piece by piece to England.  In addition to learning more about the Ancient Egyptians, the classes were also able to view other galleries in the museum and see objects as varied as Samurai swords, Greek sculptures and Roman skulls.  This was definitely a memory-making trip and the children are eager to find out even more about this mesmerising period in history.







Summer Term 1 2018_19
Y3 Summer Term 1&2 (A) Topic Web – Tomb Raiders 2019

Summer Term 1 2018-19
Y3 Summer Term 1 Newsletter 2019
Y3 Summer Term 1&2 (A) Topic Web – Tomb Raiders 2019

Spring Term 2 2018_19
Year 3 Spring T2 Class Newsletter 2019
Y3 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows 2018_19

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in Year 3 – take a look at what we have been doing…

Science Week 11th – 15 March

During this week, we focused on the impact that plastic was having on our planet.  We classified and sorted different plastics based on their properties and found out which ones could be recycled.  We also wrote the diary of a recycled plastic bottle.


Pi Number Day
During Pi day (14th March) we worked in class to calculate pi for different circular objects.  We had to be very accurate at measuring these objects!  Later the whole school worked together to make Pi bracelets and bookmarks.






Library visit
On Monday 18th March Year 3 visited the library.  We had a fact hunt around the library and then researched river facts using non-fiction books from our local library.






Water Day
World Water Day was celebrated on 22nd March this year and as part of this special day, we were lucky enough to have a water workshop provided by Severn Trent.  We learned what happens to the water we use and how we can save water by making small, sensible changes to our everyday lives.


Poetry Recital
On Monday 25th March,  the whole school came together for an afternoon of performance poetry.  Year 3 performed a poem called ‘The River’ by Valerie Bloom and it was fantastic to see every child getting involved.










Spring Term 1 2018-19
Y3 Curriculum Newsletter Spring T1 2018-19
Y3 Spring Term 1 & 2 (A) Topic Web – Wind in the Willows 2018_19

Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Y3 Autumn 2 Class Newsletter 2018
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II

End of topic street party and learning showcase
The class had a World War 2 themed street party to end their topic.  This included making paper hats, playing beetle drive and of course having some tasty treats.  At the end of the afternoon, we opened the classroom up to parents and family members so that the children could showcase their amazing home learning projects.

Monday 26th November
Year 3 visited the local library today.  They had a fantastic time learning about evacuation  – did you know it wasn’t just children that were evacuated?  Important works of art were moved out of London to keep them safe!  The children also completed a fact-finding mission to see what a typical evacuee would pack in their suitcase.






Wednesday 21st November
Today we are watching a special schools broadcast of the RSC Romeo and Juliet.

Friday 16th November
We had some highly commended poems written by children in our class today!  Representatives from the Southam & District Lions presented the children with these amazing poetry books to say congratulations for their sound poems about the Blitz.







Monday 12th November
Odd Sock Day!  As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we are wearing odd socks to highlight the fact that we are all unique and different!

Friday 9th November
Today we performed our class assembly to parents, friends and the entire school.  Our assembly showcased our recent learning about World War II and also discussed Remembrance Day. It was an assembly full of information, songs, dances but also a 2 minute silence for reflection. We hope you enjoyed it!

Autumn Term1 2018-19
Y3 Class newsletter – AT1 2018
Years 3&4 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – World War II