Year 3

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Summer Term 1 2020
Year 3 & 4 Summer T1 (B) Topic web – Invaders

The Rotten Romans!
Year 3 have begun their Romans topic with great enthusiasm! We kickstarted the topic with learning about the legend of Romulus and Remus and wrote our own speeches as Romulus when Rome was officially founded.

We have also learnt about the Romans invasions into Britain and ordered some key events onto a timeline.

Year 3 have also learnt about mosaics which were a common feature of private homes and public buildings.

Here are some examples the children have had a go at:

Spring Term 2 2019-20
Yr3 Class Newsletter Spring 2 2020
Y3 & Y4 Spring (B) T1&2 Topic web_The World of Africa 2019_20

Spring Term 1 2019-20
Y3 Spring T1 Class Letter 2019_20
Y3 & Y4 Spring (B) T1&2 Topic web_The World of Africa 2019_20

Reading Corner
In order to promote reading at Harbury, each class teacher has created an inviting reading corner for the children to access. This is Year Three’s! It has already created lots of excitement and a real buzz about reading for pleasure.

Many thanks to Kat Williams for providing the lovely lava lamp and cushion.

Please feel free to come and have a look at this.










Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Year 3 AT2 Class letter 2019_20
Year 3 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_Fire and Earth 2019_20

Making fireworks!
As part of ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’, the children made their own fireworks using warm water, oil and food colouring and gave them an appropriate name. They then wrote a set of instructions about how to make these. It was lots of fun!

Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Year 3 AT1 Class letter 2019_20
Year 3 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_Fire and Earth 2019_20

Computing week!
As part of Computing Week, Year 3 learnt about the importance of online safety. As a class we discussed the meaning of our ‘digital footprint’ and how one photo can travel around the world in the space of 24 hours!

We also worked on coding using the ipads and created a story on Scratch Jr.

Their program had to include:

  • A background and at least one sprite (character) per page
  • The movement/action of one or more of the sprites
  • Speech from one or more of the sprites (either recorded or using speech bubbles)
  • A sprite disappearing and reappearing onto the page

These stories were then shared with their class mates.


‘The Hub’
Year 3 loved having the opportunity to go into ‘The hub’ for the first time during Computing Week! They used a program on PurpleMash called ‘2quiz’ in which they used to create a Stone Age quiz for their peers to have a go at.

In History we have been learning about the Bronze Age and the significance of ‘grave goods’. These were items or artefacts which were buried with a person after their death as a symbol of their wealth. It was believed that these went with them into the afterlife. The children in Year 3 made their own barrows in groups of 3 and designed some of their own ‘grave goods’ for a mystery person. Each item had to have a clear meaning behind it and needed to reveal something about the person within it. This was lots of fun!

In Science, the children have been learning about which rocks are waterproof and which are not. We conducted an investigation following this line of enquiry and made careful observations. We discovered that pumice is not waterproof as the water absorbed and started to disappear into the rock gradually, whereas we noticed that slate is waterproof as the water rolled off and did not absorb.