Year 3

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Summer Term 2 2017
Year 3 Class Newsletter Summer Term 2
Yr 3&4 Summer T2 (A)Topic – Childhood

Our Class Assembly
Year three did a class Assembly on Tuesday 18th of July about childhood over the years.  Everyone had a part. Children sang we will rock you, rock around the clock, twist and shout, starman and the Macarena.
By Poppy B

The class did really well it was great although there was a few technical difficulties I think the Assembly was really well presented and everyone knew their lines and it went amazingly well.
By Jayden Evans

Each group performed a different decade. Table 1 did the 1990s, table 2 did the 1970s, table 3 did the 1950s, table 4 did the 1980s and table 5 did the 1960s. The photograph above shows the 1950s group talking about childhood after dancing on in partners. The photograph on the left shows the 1960s group making a rocket for Apollo 11.
By Thomas Hetherington
Summer Term 1 2017
Year 3 Summer 1 Newsletter_2017
Yr 3&4 Summer T1 (A) Topic – Wind in the Willows 2016-17

Spring Term 2 2017
Year 3 Spring 2 _ Newsletter 2017
Yrs 3&4 Spring 2 (A) Topic Web _ Transport

Easter fun!
After the Easter egg hunt we loved sharing a book with our reading partners.

Rehearsing for Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

We enjoyed World Book Day 2017

Spring Term 1 2017
Year 3 Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter 2017
Y3&4 Spring 1 (A) Topic Web – Egyptians

Year 3 have learnt how to debate!
We debated whether or not the ending of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ was a happy one for Rhodopis (the Cinderella character). We divided the class in to two groups, one arguing that it was a happy ending, the other arguing that it was a far from happy ending! Each side chose 2 speakers, presented their arguments, listened to the debate and came up with counter-arguments. At the end, we held a vote and decided that The Egyptian Cinderella did not end happily for Rhodopis – did she even ask to be married? My favourite counter argument was that if the Pharaoh died, Rhodopis might end up getting mummified and who would want that ending?





Ancient Egyptians
We are really enjoying our Egyptian work.  On our WOW day had to enter a dark tomb with a torch and identify artefacts. We worked in teams and were only allowed twenty seconds. It was a challenge and made us realise just how brave explorers were.

We had fun designing Egyptian neck bands and writing in hieroglyphs and were especially interested in finding out about the mummies and the afterlife.





Timelines came alive!
The children had to order all the different pictures of beaches through the ages, working out why one might be older than another. We learnt that a black and white photograph isn’t necessarily older than a colour picture.



We loved drawing our Mehndi designs. We learnt that people in India use henna to create their designs on their hands but we just made them with pencil crayons…



Modelling clay boats
This was a fun activity! We had to work out how to make the most watertight boat that could take the most weight in marbles. We learnt to think about our first attempt and to try again, using the bits that worked the first time and improving on them.


Autumn Term 2 2016
Yr 3 Autumn 2 – Class Letter
Yrs 3&4 Autumn 2 (A) Topic – The Borrowers 2016_17

Autumn Term 1 2016
Y3 Autumn T1 Class Letter 2016_17
Y3&4 Autumn T1 Topic Web (A) – World War II

Year 3 visit Coventry Cathedral and The Herbert Museum
y3-classroomWe experienced what it would have been like in a 1940s classroom.




y3-cathedral-ruins y3-new-cathedralWe looked around the ruins of the old Cathedral…

… and also walked through the new Cathedral. Can you see the burnt Cross?


y3-anderson-shelterHow many children can you fit in an Anderson Shelter?
We found out at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.




Year 3 (Leam) visited Harbury Library on 3/10/16
Firstly we talked about DEMOCRACY. We found out that this was giving people a fair say. The library has raised money for new reading books. All of the children in Year 3 had to vote whether they wanted Fiction or Non Fiction Books. They put their ballot papers in a box. I wonder what will be decided?
y3-democracy-2 y3-democracy-1





Roald Dahl day
We had lots of fun dressing up on Roald Dahl day. We found out lots of interesting and fun facts.