Year 3

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Autumn Term 2 2017-18
Y3 Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017
Y3&4 Autumn 2 (B) Topic – African adventure 2017_18

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Learning Conversation 10th November 2017

Autumn Term 1 2017-18
Y3 Autumn 1 Newsletter 2017
Years 3&4 Autumn 1 (B) Topic Web – Flinstone Frenzy 2017_18
Stonehenge Mystery home learning project

Stone Age Experience!
On Monday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Past Alive.
They brought with them lots of Stone Age artefacts, some of which were over 35 000 years old!
“I like it when we made a fire without matches!” Oliver
“They showed us everything about the Stone Age – I like it when we saw the animal skins.” Charlotte
“We even held two arrow heads!” Oscar

Many thanks to the PTA for funding this amazing day.


Writing Dialogue
Year 3 have been making huge progress with writing dialogue.  They have written and performed playscripts and learnt how to use inverted commas to punctuate speech.

Stone Age Timeline
Year 3 and 4 went out to the playground to create a timeline that stretched from 2017 right back to the Stone Age. Using a toilet roll (of all things) they managed to get it to scale: One sheet represented 5000 years!


Summer Term 2 2017
Year 3 Class Newsletter Summer Term 2
Yr 3&4 Summer T2 (A)Topic – Childhood

Our Class Assembly
Year three did a class Assembly on Tuesday 18th of July about childhood over the years.  Everyone had a part. Children sang we will rock you, rock around the clock, twist and shout, starman and the Macarena.
By Poppy B

The class did really well it was great although there was a few technical difficulties I think the Assembly was really well presented and everyone knew their lines and it went amazingly well.
By Jayden Evans

Each group performed a different decade. Table 1 did the 1990s, table 2 did the 1970s, table 3 did the 1950s, table 4 did the 1980s and table 5 did the 1960s. The photograph above shows the 1950s group talking about childhood after dancing on in partners. The photograph on the left shows the 1960s group making a rocket for Apollo 11.
By Thomas Hetherington