Year 2

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Summer Term 1 2019-20
Years 1 & 2  Summer T1 (B) Topic web – What’s behind the drawbridge 2019-20
Y1 2 Summer 1 Newsletter 2019-20

Year 2 WOW day – Castles
To start off our new topic we had a WOW day on the first day ‘back’ after Easter. Children were challenged to build a castle and dress up as a character that they might expect to find in their castle. In the afternoon, they were then asked to do some creative writing which included their castle. Children had a brilliant day and really enjoyed it. Look at some of the things that they have produced!

Learning to use money in Year 2
To finish off our learning on maths this week, children were asked to create their own shop at home and role play with either their family or their teddies. We had a wide array of shops and I think Harbury is now well stocked in anything you could need during lock down.

Spring Term 2 2019-20
Y2 Class Newsletter Spring Term 2 2019-20
Years 1 & 2 Spring 2 (B) Topic Web – where do we get our food from 2019-20

Year 1 and 2 WOW day
The infants was buzzing with inventors and engineers on Monday. Year 1 and 2 designed a new vehicle and we then created them on our WOW day. First children built the body of their vehicle before building the chassis after play time. In the afternoon children got to test them out in the hall. We also had a visit from Mr Mottram at Network Rail who shared some of the fabulous inventions that he works with to maintain the railway lines around our school.





Spring Term 1 2019-20
Year 2 Spring 1 Newsletter 2019-20
Years 1&2 Spring T1 (B) Topic Web – Who Thought of That? 2019_20

Year 2 have been working on an explanation text about a ‘Tidy Your Bedroom’ machine. Watch the video of Mrs Wilson performing it here to help with your learning at home.

Homework Projects
Over the holidays Year 1 and 2 children have been working on their creative homework projects. In preparation for our new topic children were asked to either find out about an invention and its inventor or become inventors themselves and create their new invention. We had head bands that brush your teeth for you, robots that produce any food you want, a pencil that corrects your spelling mistakes and research on Stephenson’s Rocket, the creator of Lego and the invention of the x-ray machine. Children have had a really great start to this topic and are having a great time being inventors.





Reading is magical
Take a look at Year 2’s brand new reading corner! We now have an enchanted forest in the corner of our classroom for children to enjoy reading in.





Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Year 1&2 AT1 (B) Topic Web_How has London changed 2019_20

Theatre – Father Christmas
Last week Year 2, along with Reception and Year 1, went to Warwick Arts Centre to watch Raymond Briggs Father Christmas. We all had a fantastic trip! The children really enjoyed the show and loved watching what Father Christmas gets up to at Christmas times. Children were particularly intrigued by all the sound effects for the show which were created on stage with no electronic sound effects. The performance got us all in a Christmas mood and gave us some performance ideas ready for our own upcoming Christmas production.

Contour Maps
Year 2 have been looking at map skills and have created 3D contour maps to help understand about contours. We then learned the four highest peaks in the UK. Children found the highest points and worked out which was the tallest of them all. Can you name the four highest peaks of the UK?

Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Year 2 Parent Newsletter AT1 2019
Year 1&2 AT1 (B) Topic Web_How has London changed 2019_20