Year 2

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Autumn Term 2018-19
Years 1&2 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – How Have Holidays Changed
Year 2 curriculum letter AT1 2018

Learning Conversation 14th Septemeber 2018

Summer Term 2 2017-18
Y2 Summer 2 Newsletter 2018Years 1 & 2 Summer 2 (B) topic web _ whats behind the drawbridge 2017_18

Faith in Art week
Last week, Year 2 worked very hard to create beautiful clay Lotus Flower tealight holders. We painted them with pearlescent paints to make them look special. We enjoyed showcasing them to the parents on Friday afternoon. We now understand how light is an important theme across many major religions and that the lotus flower symbol is important to Buddhists.


Castle Art
To kick start our topic we have been experimenting with drawing castles on black paper using chalk. We then used sponges to create the brick effect. What do you think of our castle art?

Building Castles
When we learnt about Motte-and-Bailey castles, we decided to create them using natural materials in the outdoors. It was really fun using soil, sand, stones, sticks, leaves and grass to make them in trays. We have them displayed by our pegs if you want to see them.

Summer Term 1 2017-18
Y2 Summer 1 curriculum letter 2018
Years 1&2 Summer 1 (B) topic _why does the union jack have three colours 2017_18

Irish Jigs
We were lucky enough to get a visit from Nicky, our resident violin teacher. She heard that we were learning about British culture, particularly folk music, so she entertained us with Irish, English and Scottish folk tunes. We loved it! Thanks Nicky.

Tick Tock
We’ve been learning all about how to tell the time on an analogue clock this term. We now know how to read the time to the nearest quarter interval, and some of us are learning how to read it to 5 minute intervals.



Cross of Nails
We had a very special visitor in the shape of the Cross of Nails from Coventry Cathedral to mark 100 years of the diocese. The children were very respectful during the service, as we received it from Long Itchington Primary School. On Monday, the whole school worked together to create a piece of art with local artist Julia Snowdin. The finished artwork will be fixed to the wall in the hall so we can have a long-lasting memory from this special time.

In PE, we have been learning how to do yoga. The last one we used was all about the film Moana, and helped us learn basic poses in order to be more flexible and balanced.

We enjoyed using the BlueBots recently to practise our programming skills. We learnt about algorithms by copying the instructions. Then, we tried to make the BlueBot drive in a square.

Spring Term 2 2017-18
Y2 Spring 2 curriculum letter 2018
Y1 & Y2 Spring Term 2 (B) Topic _Where do we get our food from 2017_18
Spring Fever Parent Diary

Science Week

Spring Term 1 2017-18
Y2 Spring 1 curriculum letter 2018
Y1&2 Spring 1 (B) Topic_Who thought of that 2017_18

We have been enjoying using paint in different ways. Last week we used straws and watery paint to create a ‘rain-splattered’ window effect. Then, we cut out a dragon tail and made it look like there was a dragon flying past. We were very proud of our art!


Mystery Package
What a strange start there was to our half-term last Monday! We were settling in to our spelling lesson when Mrs Wilson appeared with a parcel addressed to Year 1 and Year 2. It was very damaged, almost as if something had burst out of it. When we read the letter, we found out that some pesky creatures were being sent to us by a mystery person. The box was full of smelly cheese, ginger biscuits, ripped paper and rubbish. How strange it was! We are now investigating and also tailoring our lessons around a book Ms Guymer found us called The Dragon Machine. This might help us work out who sent the box. Watch this space.

Autumn Term 2 2017-18
Y2 Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017
Years 1&2 Autumn 2 (A) Topic web_How has London Changed

Prickly Hay!
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 worked so hard this half-term to rehearse and put together a fantastic performance of Prickly Hay! We enjoyed showing the rest of the school on Monday afternoon for the dress rehearsal. Then, on Tuesday, it was time for the real thing! The parents and grandparents loved watching us, and singing along when they could. Thank you to all the parents who helped with costumes and learning lines. It was a resounding success!

Christmas Spirit
This week, we have enjoyed getting the paints out and creating Christmas cards. We have also painted some ‘cog’ artwork ready for our next term’s topic all on Inventions, titled ‘Who thought of that?’

Special Visitor
Miss Moseley came to visit us this week with her new baby Frank! He is so gorgeous and we enjoyed oohing and aahing over everything he did, including making grumpy faces.


We have started our Multiplication Journey in Year 2 this week! The children have been learning about equal groups and showing them using many different resources, such as coins, cubes, Numicon and other classroom objects.

Learning about London
The half-term home learning projects based on London were fantastic! If you want to see them, pop in to our Year 2 corridor to take a look. The children and their families worked very hard on them. We have many different Big Ben models, and even a London Eye that rotates!

Subtraction Skills
Year 2 have practised their subtraction skills using a numberline. We are now learning how to use grouped jumps on a numberline instead of jumping in ones. Using our number bonds helps us to do this.

Our Assembly
What a fantastic job Year 2 did in their class assembly! The whole school enjoyed watching their hard work come together. Rescuing Bailey Grylls from the mysterious Jurassic Island was great fun, and we enjoyed hearing the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip. Well done to all of them for learning their lines and cues. Well done to parents for getting costumes sorted. And thank you to Rachel for coming in and using the green screen to film the Bailey Grylls dinosaur scenes. We really enjoyed it.

Blue Plaque Walk
Mr Chapman and Mrs Thompson took us on a Friday afternoon walk around the village to see the blue plaques marking the centenary of WW1. We were very thoughtful as Mr Chapman described the lives of the soldiers who had lived in those houses. It made the sacrifice of the soldiers in WW1 come to life for us, and the children really understood the sadness of how young those men were when they fought and fell.

Autumn Term 1 2017-18
Y2 Autumn 1 Newsletter 2017
Years 1&2 Autumn T1 (B) 2017 Topic Web – What is an Island

Dinosaur WOW Day!
Year 2 was full of the sound of stomping, roaring dinosaurs on Thursday! What a fun day we had on our end-of-topic WOW day. The children came dressed up as either dinosaurs, archaeologists or dinosaur explorers. They looked fantastic!

The morning was spent rotating through different activities. In the Year 1 classroom, the children researched dinosaurs using the iPads and created their very own Top Trump cards. The Year 2 classroom was a place of creative writing – we listened to the story, ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ and imagined how little Drip must have felt not belonging to his family. The central area filled with the smell of baking cookies, as the children worked together to make dinosaur footprint cookies.

In the afternoon, we went on a Dinosaur Hunt! The playgrounds had been magically filled with dinosaurs and we used our tallying skills to count them up. Then, Year 2 had an excellent rest of the afternoon creating dinosaur skeletons using Art Straws. Overall, it was an exhausting and fun-filled day! Thank you to all the adults for their help to make it happen.





Addition and subtracting
Year 2 have been honing our addition and subtraction skills using many different methods. We are mostly using concrete apparatus to add and subtract 2-digit and 1-digit numbers. We have also learnt to count on from the highest number. We are now using a 100 square to add tens and then ones.

Class update
Year 2 have been learning so much already! We are getting used to new routines. We have been practising counting in steps. Evan has written out the pattern of counting in 10s from a different number.





We also did some drama based on the book Flotsam by David Wiesner. We loved it!





To make our front covers, we did some ocean painting, using patterns and mixing different colours.