Year 2

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Spring Term 2 2018_19
Years 1 & 2 Spring T2 (A) Topic Web _ Who has the biggest footprint
Year 2 Spring 2 curriculum letter 2019

Spring Term 1 2018-19
Yrs 1&2 Spring T1 (A) Topic web – Why did elephants live in Leamington spa
Year 2 curriculum letter Spring Term 1 2019

Elephants in Leamington Spa!
We are having a wonderful time learning about the local history of Royal Leamington Spa! Last week, we spent the day walking around the town and enjoying all of the historic sights such as: the town hall, Jephson Gardens, the Pump Rooms, Victoria Bridge and the All Saints’ Parish Church. The children also got to enjoy a workshop in the Pump Rooms creating clay elephants. The children were exhausted and happy when we got back!

  • Meeting Wilhelmena, or was it Haddie, or Trilby?


This week, Year 2 visited the library in the village. We learnt about more of our topic by doing a treasure hunt through the library, looking for clues. Then, we got to hear a story about an elephant called Elmer. Thank you very much Sue for teaching us!






We have been learning the new skill of division recently, using concrete apparatus to support us. When we divide by 2, we know we are sharing with 2 people, or putting into groups of 2. This means we can also divide by 5 and 10 really easily.








Recently, we have been learning the new skill of using directional language to program a robot on the computer. We have had to work through all of the steps using a program called 2Go. It’s a bit like using floor robots (BlueBots) but harder. It forces us to think a few steps ahead and use correct directions.








We have been working our way towards using the large apparatus in the hall this term. Finally, we got there! We have been experimenting with travelling safely up high and finding new ways to go through, up, along and over the equipment.

Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Y2 AT2 curriculum letter 2 2018
Y1&2 Autumn T2 (A) 2018_19 Topic Web – Why does father christmas wear warm clothes

We have worked hard over the last few weeks to learn a new skill – sewing! We have been designing, sewing and decorating a mitten. First, we evaluated what made a mitten successful and then created our own success criteria. Then, we learnt a simple running stitch. We had to learn to cut felt carefully using fabric scissors. With support, we sewed the two pieces together and then decorated with fur and extra felt. The end results are amazing! All of Year 2 feels very proud of their mittens.

Hey Ewe
What a fantastic time we had performing our Christmas production of Hey Ewe for all the parents! Year 2 worked so hard, along with Year 1 and Reception. The lines were learnt, the songs were sung and stage directions rehearsed. It was a packed hall on Tuesday afternoon and evening, and many parents and school staff felt extremely proud as they watched. Well done everybody for all of their hard work!

An exciting delivery was made on Wednesday afternoon. A letter from Father Christmas! He had heard about our learning this term and wondered if we could help him with keeping his hot chocolate warm on Christmas Eve! We set off to find out the best material to keep hot chocolate warm, and the children worked in small groups. We used thermometers to measure the temperature throughout the afternoon and discovered that, apart from an insulated jug, the best material to keep it warm was jumper fabric! So, we wrote back to Father Christmas and we shall wait and see if it helps him out (we did want to send him an insulated jug for Christmas!).

Library Visit
Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the village library and enjoyed learning more about Polar Regions. They researched Arctic and Antarctic animals and even put them in a Venn diagram!






Odd Socks
As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Year 2 came in with their odd socks on Monday. We talked about making sure everyone has someone to play with and what we can do to be a good friend. We celebrate our uniqueness in Year 2!













On Wednesday 21st November, Year 2 watched a live screening of Romeo and Juliet from the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was a brilliant morning that the children loved. Even though the language was tricky, the children coped really well with the storyline and loved finding out about the two families that didn’t get on. Here is a fab quote from Eve which sums it all up:

“If the two families weren’t fighting, then it wouldn’t have been a tragedy”







Winter Walk’
The weather has been getting colder lately and as part of our geography learning, we went on a ‘winter walk’ this week. The children noticed signs of the season changing from autumn into winter. We spotted bare branches, cold air, low sun, not many plants growing and a need for a coat!


Autumn Term 1 2018-19
Years 1&2 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – How Have Holidays Changed
Year 2 curriculum letter AT1 2018

Summer Term 2 2017-18
Y2 Summer 2 Newsletter 2018Years 1 & 2 Summer 2 (B) topic web _ whats behind the drawbridge 2017_18

Faith in Art week
Last week, Year 2 worked very hard to create beautiful clay Lotus Flower tealight holders. We painted them with pearlescent paints to make them look special. We enjoyed showcasing them to the parents on Friday afternoon. We now understand how light is an important theme across many major religions and that the lotus flower symbol is important to Buddhists.


Castle Art
To kick start our topic we have been experimenting with drawing castles on black paper using chalk. We then used sponges to create the brick effect. What do you think of our castle art?

Building Castles
When we learnt about Motte-and-Bailey castles, we decided to create them using natural materials in the outdoors. It was really fun using soil, sand, stones, sticks, leaves and grass to make them in trays. We have them displayed by our pegs if you want to see them.

Summer Term 1 2017-18
Y2 Summer 1 curriculum letter 2018
Years 1&2 Summer 1 (B) topic _why does the union jack have three colours 2017_18

Irish Jigs
We were lucky enough to get a visit from Nicky, our resident violin teacher. She heard that we were learning about British culture, particularly folk music, so she entertained us with Irish, English and Scottish folk tunes. We loved it! Thanks Nicky.

Tick Tock
We’ve been learning all about how to tell the time on an analogue clock this term. We now know how to read the time to the nearest quarter interval, and some of us are learning how to read it to 5 minute intervals.



Cross of Nails
We had a very special visitor in the shape of the Cross of Nails from Coventry Cathedral to mark 100 years of the diocese. The children were very respectful during the service, as we received it from Long Itchington Primary School. On Monday, the whole school worked together to create a piece of art with local artist Julia Snowdin. The finished artwork will be fixed to the wall in the hall so we can have a long-lasting memory from this special time.

In PE, we have been learning how to do yoga. The last one we used was all about the film Moana, and helped us learn basic poses in order to be more flexible and balanced.

We enjoyed using the BlueBots recently to practise our programming skills. We learnt about algorithms by copying the instructions. Then, we tried to make the BlueBot drive in a square.