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Autumn Term 2 2019-20
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Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Year 1 Parent Newsletter AT1 2019
Year 1&2 AT1 (B) Topic Web_How has London changed 2019_20


Summer Term 2 2018_19
Year 1 Summer T2 Class Newsletter 2019
Year 1 & 2 Summer T2 (A) Topic Web – What is the longest journey

Summer Term 1 2018-19
Year 1 Summer T1 Class Newsletter 2019
Year 1 & 2 Summer T1 (A) Topic Web – When I’m asleep, who’s awake

Spring Term 2 2018_19
Years 1 & 2 Spring T2 (A) Topic Web _ Who has the biggest footprint
Year 1 Spring  T2 Class Newsletter 2019

Spring Term 1 2018-19
Year 1Spring T1 Class Newsletter – Jan 2019
Yrs 1&2 Spring T1 (A) Topic web – Why did elephants live in Leamington spa

Why did the Elephants Live in Leamington Spa?
The children had a brilliant time in Leamington Spa learning all about its history and about a special man called Samuel Lockhart who was a famous elephant trainer.

We went to the Royal Pump rooms and tasted the salty water. We explored Jephson Gardens and discovered the elephant walk leading into the River Leam. We also found a statue of Queen Victoria who visited Leamington in 1838. She enjoyed her stay so much that she decided to give it a royal charter- to which it was then known as Royal Leamington Spa.

A fantastic day enjoyed by all.

Subtraction Stories
In Maths the children have been developing their subtraction skills using the language ‘First’, ‘Then’ and ‘Next’ to see how many items there were to begin with and how many were left with at the end. They then translated this into writing matching number sentences. The children then used their problem solving skills to find missing numbers in a number sentence.

Autumn Term 2 2018-19
Year 1 Class Newsletter AT2 2018-19
Y1&2 Autumn T2 (A) 2018_19 Topic Web – Why does father christmas wear warm clothes

Autumn Term 1 2018-19
Year 1 Class Newsletter AT1 2018_19
Years 1&2 Autumn T1 (A) Topic Web – How Have Holidays Changed

Punch and Judy
We loved watching the Punch and Judy show on seaside day! Some of us even had a go at putting our hand in the cheeky croc’s mouth!