Year 1

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Summer Term 1 2020
Years 1 & 2 Summer T1 (B)Topic web- What’s behind the drawbridge

WOW day- What’s behind the drawbridge?
With a new topic, we began our first day back of home learning with a WOW day. Everyone was invited to dress up as kings, queens or knight and we built our own castles out of junk modelling (they came in all shapes in sizes!) We then wrote our own stories all about castles, which included lots of dragons and knights going on quests! The day was lots of fun and year 1 are very excited for our new topic!

Spring Term 2 2020
Y1 Class Newsletter Spring 2 2019-20
Years 1 & 2 Spring 2 (B) Topic Web – where do we get our food from 2019-20

World Book Day
WOW! What an amazing effort all of Year 1 went to for World Book Day. We had such a range of characters from Ooompa Loompas to Mary Poppins and lots of Tigers Who Came to Tea. We celebrated Word Book Day by having a catwalk to show the whole school our costumes, we read books with our reading partners from Year 4 and we had to solve clues to guess the character!

Year 1 love visiting The Hub and this half term in the Hub we have been developing our understanding of spreadsheets. We have even made our own zoo on the spreadsheet!

Year 1 and 2 WOW day
The infants was buzzing with inventors and engineers on Monday. Year 1 and 2 designed a new vehicle and we then created them on our WOW day. First children built the body of their vehicle before building the chassis after play time. In the afternoon children got to test them out in the hall. We also had a visit from Mr Mottram at Network Rail who shared some of the fabulous inventions that he works with to maintain the railway lines around our school.

Spring Term 1 2019-20
Year 1 Spring T1 Class letter 2019_20
Years 1&2 Spring T1 (B) Topic Web – Who Thought of That? 2019_20

Our new reading corner
Here is a sneak peak of our new reading corner. We are enjoying getting cosy and reading amongst the clouds and hot air balloons! Lots of the children have been caught reading in very unusual places at home as well: under the table, in an aeroplane and even reading upside down!





Homework Topics
For our creative homework task over the holidays, year 1 have been very busy finding out about different inventions and inventors for our new topic ‘Who thought of that?’ We have had robots that produce glitter, phone fixing machines and research on a range of inventors; from the person who created Lego to the person who invented the toilet! The children are really enjoying becoming inventors themselves in this new topic!





In music we have been learning about different styles of music. So far we have listened to Blues music, Latin music and Baroque music. We tried to play along on the glockenspiel.





Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Year 1&2 AT1&2 (B) Topic Web_How has London changed 2019_20

Why Does the Union Jack Have Three Colours?
During our topic ‘Why does the union jack have three colours?’ we have been looking at different foods from the UK in our DT lessons. We tried the different foods (product analysis), wrote a recipe to make scones and then we enjoyed making our own scones! Finally, we evaluated our own product (product analysis). We had lots of fun during this topic, as it was very practical!

The children have been exploring the different mountains of the UK this week in geography, we found that Ben Nevis was the highest mountain! We also enjoyed making our own mountains and discussing the different contours.








Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Year 1 Parent Newsletter AT1 2019
Year 1&2 AT1 (B) Topic Web_How has London changed 2019_20

WOW day!!
Our first WOW day of Year 1 has been a huge success! We made our own Tudor houses and recreated our own Great Fire of London!