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Autumn Term 1 2017
Y1 Autumn 1 newsletter
Years 1&2 Autumn T1 (B) 2017 Topic Web – What is an Island

Digging for fossils
We had great fun digging up treasure during our topic work this week. We found lots of special rocks called ‘fossils’. We learnt that these are found under the earth and are the remains of plants and animals from thousands of years ago.

We had a go at sketching them using pastels and worked on adding detail to show their rough textures.

We have done lots of work on counting this week. One lesson we had a go at threading some wool through some holes in a paper plate. We had to count down from the biggest number to the smallest number by counting backwards. This was great for our fine motor skills too!

Summer Term 2 2017
Y1 Summer 2 Class Newsletter 2017
Y1 Summer 2 (A) Topic _ Who is awake when I am asleep_2016_1

We created new front covers for our theme books using art inspired from Australia. We used a combination of pastels and paint to create our stunning images of Uluru.

Telling the time
Year 1 have been learning to tell the time in maths this week. We really enjoyed making our own clocks and using these to practise making o’clock and half past times.

Our values for this half term are compassion and trust.
We read the poem Footsteps in the Sand and talked about what this meant. We thought about ways that we could show compassion towards others.
We thought about who we trust and why. We made butterflies of trust to remind us of this important value.
A butterfly must trust its wings in order for it to fly.

We looked at the work of the artist Edgar Degas. He created his ‘Little Dancer’ pieces in 2D and 3D. We found out how his ‘Little Dancer’ sculpture was cast in bronze and went on to find out about different ways of creating sculptures.

We made our own astronaut sculptures out of pipe cleaners and tin foil.

Summer Term 1 2017
Year 1 Summer 1 Newsletter_2017
Yr1 Summer 1 (A) Topic – Longest journey 2016_17

Capacity – Part 2
We used cups to find out which container held the most and least and found out that wider containers hold more that tall thin ones. We used the language full, empty, ½ full, ¼ full and ¾ full to describe how full different containers were.









Capacity – Part 1
In Year 1 we have been measuring and comparing the capacity of different containers. Everyone worked really well as a team and took care to measure accurately.









We have been reading the story of Man on the Moon. It tells us about a character called Bob. His job is to take care of the moon. He sweeps it, entertains space tourists, sells souvenirs and turns on the moon’s night light at night before jetting home in his shiny rocket.





We have enjoyed this story very much. We have created text for the story, written a job description for Bob and even pretended that we were space tourists and wrote our own piece of narrative writing about what we did and saw there.

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at the National Space Centre and we learnt so much!

The Bog Baby
Year 1 have been reading a book called The Bog Baby. It tells the story of an unusual creature that lives in a magical pond in Bluebell Wood. We have based many of our English lessons around this story have now extended this work into our science lessons.

To begin with, we made our own Bog Babies out of salt dough. We observed how we could squeeze, squash, bend and twist the dough into different shapes before settling on a form for our own Bog Baby. We used coloured card, sequins, jewels and feathers to make each Bog Baby unique and were excited to see how over time they became harder and their colour became lighter.

We pretended that we went for a walk with our Bog Babies in Bluebell Wood and found them a suitable habitat to live in. We made sure they had shelter, food and water, a place to raise young and fresh air.

The next day we created a habitat box for the Bog Babies. We used natural materials from outside along with paper and card to simulate the things that we could not find.

Our bog babies are now living happily in their habitat boxes.

Many thanks for all of the shoes boxes that were sent in to make this project a reality.
We had a great fun.

I have had a few enquires about the salt dough recipe, so here it is:
2 cups of plain flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of cold water
Mix together and add a food colouring of your choice
This is enough to make 4 Bog Babies
The dough slowly hardens over about the course of 2 weeks.