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Summer Term 1 2020
Reception Summer T1 Class Letter 2019-20
Reception Summer T1 (B) Topic Web – All things bright and beautiful 2019-20

All Things Bright and Beautiful
In Reception we continue to explore our learning through our love of books. Our new topic, All Things Bright and Beautiful has given the children the opportunity to explore their learning outdoors; discovering the wonderful world around us. We have had a really exciting start to our home learning by investigating minibeast! The children were invited to a minibeast party, they replied in writing, wrote their own list of party idea and read instructions on how to make a bug hat. They then joined in with a magnificent bug party where they played phonics games and danced and moved like a minibeast.

Spring Term 2 2019-20
Reception Class Newsletter Spring 2 2019-20
Reception Spring 2 (B) Topic Web – Superheroes to the Rescue 2019-20


Spring Term 1 2019-20
Reception Spring T1 Class letter 2019-20
Reception Spring T1 (B) Topic Web – What’s inside the toy box 2019-20

2020 Our year to shine!
A great start to 2020, and what better way to begin the New Year by exploring our learning though the topic of toys! The Reception toy shop is very popular. In the shop we learn how to write shopping lists, explore money to pay for the toys, take turns, share and communicate with the customers (we even get to play with our favourite toy!)









Harbury Toy Shop
With the days becoming colder we turned to the book ‘Betty and the Yeti’. We enjoyed creating our own Yeti and describing it, we designed and made a sledge for Betty, made predictions about how fast it would travel, then tested it to see which sledge was the fastest. We explored different materials by making hats for Betty to keep warm and finished the week by cooking some yummy soup. We love using books and stories to inspire our learning.

Our New Book Corner
An amazing addition to our classroom is our cold and icy ‘Narnia’ book corner. The children are thoroughly enjoying stepping into another world to share books with their friends.





Autumn Term 2 2019-20
Reception AT2 letter 2019-20
Reception AT2 (B) Topic Web – Glitter and Glow 2019-20

Nativity rehearsals underway
The children are thoroughly enjoying performing in their first Christmas Nativity, and are doing a fantastic job dancing and singing! Never have I seen such energetic disco stars!

Trip to the Theatre
As the term draws to a close, the children had the opportunity to experience a wonderful theatre trip to see Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas.








In Maths they have been measuring, estimating and creating lots of interesting patterns. There was great excitement in the classroom as they used their investigating and problem solving skills to discover how to make a bulb light!












Busy, busy, busy…
What a busy term it has been in Reception! The children have enjoyed exploring their learning through exciting texts such as Funny Bones, Night Monkey, Day Monkey and The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. Through their love of books they have been inspired to write labels, describe characters and are beginning to use their amazing writing skills to write captions! I am very proud of their perseverance and determination with their writing.





Autumn Term 1 2019-20
Reception Parent Newsletter AT1 2019
Reception AT1 (B) Topic Web_Marvellous Me 2019-20

Settling in
We have had a fun-filled few weeks and the children are settling in wonderfully.

Computing Week
We acted out the story of the Three Little Pigs and recorded them using the ipads.







WOW! What a busy term Reception have had!
Just look at all the fantastic achievements we have made!