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Summer Term 2 2017
YR Summer 2 Class Newsletter 2016-17
Reception Summer 2 (A) Topic Web_A Pirates Life For Me 2016_17

Barn Owl Box Update
As many of you may remember back in November the children painted a Barn Owl box as part of their Night & Day topic. This box was erected in the surrounding area of Harbury at the beginning of this year with the hope that wild barn owls would make it their home.

On the 11th June, the South Warwickshire Barn Owl Group made a visit to check if anything had used the box; I’m pleased to inform you that a female adult barn owl with two small chicks was found inside.

As part of the monitoring program, a return visit was made on 9th July so the chicks could be measured and ringed.

Sleepy owlets being carelly removed from the box. Both chicks are male and aged 41 & 43 day old at this stage.

It’s the best start we could of hoped for, fingers crossed the adults continue to use it in the years to come. We would like to thank all the parents that made a donation to help towards the costs of making the box- I’m sure you’ll agree it was well worth it!

The Reception outdoor area is looking very tired and it is increasingly difficult to make it work effectively for the children who use it.

Over the summer holiday, Mrs Neale, Mrs Kitchener and Mrs Batchelder are hoping to complete a mini-makeover in order to improve the provision…

Summer Term 1 2017
Reception letter – Summer 1 2016-17
Reception Summer 1 (A) Topic web – All things bright and beautiful 2016_17

Spring Term 2 2017
Reception Newsletter – Spring 2 2016-17
Reception Spring 2 (A) Topic Web_What’s inside the toy box

Fire Station Visit
This week we went to visit Southam Fire station. We learn’t all about fire safety and looked around a fire engine.

The best bit was being able to have a go at putting out a ‘fire’ (which rather resembled a traffic cone!) with a hose- even the adults wanted a go!


Exploring Capacity
As part of our focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we used porridge oats to compare the capacity of containers. We used the language of capacity to describe them.  In our outdoor area, we investigated which proportion of water to porridge oats made the best porridge- “Which bowl is just right?!”

We loved dressing up for World Book Day!

Spring Term 1 2017
Reception Class letter – Spring 1 2016-17
Reception Spring 1 (A) Topic web – Superheroes to the Rescue 2016-17

This week we have been exploring the story of Superworm. We went hunting for worms in our school grounds and observed them closely in our classroom wormery.

“They wiggle!” Ilayah
“They like the dark. If there wasn’t any holes in the top, they would die- they need to breathe” Sophia
“They live in the soil” Charlie
“They eat leaves for dinner.” Liam

We have been comparing the length of worms and measuring them using cubes. Some of us made our own worms from playdough and measured their length. During outdoor learning time, we found woolly worms and ordered them by their size.

The Mystery of the Evil Pea.
We arrived at school on Monday to discover some strange things in our classroom… This meant we were on a hunt for evidence!
In small groups, we became detectives, using notebooks and magnifying glasses to find the evidence; we decided to use the ipads to photograph the evidence that we found. Following this, we wrote police reports to explain what we had found.

During the week, PC Jamie Cramp came to visit us to talk about his life as a policeman. We told him about our investigations and he gave us some ideas on how to find the evil peas. To celebrate his visit, we worked collaboratively to make a class painting of him.





On Wednesday, Ms Guymer came rushing into the classroom in a panic! She had managed to capture all the evil peas that had been hiding in her office but had nothing to put them in; using the construction area, we decided to make something to stop them escaping.


We didn’t need to worry as with our help Supertato was available to save the day. Helen, from our local Tescos store, provided us with the items to make our own interpretations of Supertato. Thank you to Tescos for helping us out.
We wrote instructions to show others how to make a Supertato.







As all the vegetables were saved, we could use them to make vegetable soup. We enjoyed safely chopping the pieces, writing lists of ingredients and tasting the end result- yummy!
“I can smell the sweet potato”
“I love the taste- Can we do this again one day?”
“It looks delicious”
“I don’t like the look of it!”

We have been learning about Chinese New Year
Do help us understand why it is a special occasion, Maya and Peyton came to our classroom and talked to us about how their family celebrate CNY.

They showed us the very special clothes they wear, some of the decorations they hang and the magical red envelopes they put under their pillow and then find filled with money in the morning! We are very grateful for Maya and Peyton for coming to talk to us as we learnt so much.

We spent the rest of the day tasting Chinese food, doing a dragon dance, trying to use chopsticks, making dragons and writing Chinese characters.

Barn Owl Box Update!
Our barn owl box has now been positioned on a tree in the local area. Thank you to those parents who sent in donations to support the construction of the box and the visit from Misty the barn owl last term- it is great for us to support the conservation of these beautiful birds in the Harbury area.

We will keep our fingers crossed for further news about the potential occupants later on in the year… How Exciting!

D&T Investigations: Betty and the Yeti
Can you make a new sledge for Betty?
Betty needed a new sledge! First we decided on some criteria for a new sledge. This included: ‘it should slide’; ‘it needs to be strong when carrying things’; ‘you should pull it along’. Next we thought of our design ideas and then we made them. To test them we used smooth and bump ice and wrote our conclusions.

Betty and the Yeti: How do animals keep warm?
We have been thinking about how animals keep warm. Mrs Kitchener brought her Guinea Pig in called Gus. We looked at his thick winter coat and talked about all the ways he keeps warm. Some of us decided to draw observational pictures of Gus.





Zoe and Beans- Pants on the Moon
Zoe and Beans surprisingly ‘whooshed’ off to the moon on a washing line! We looked at pictures, objects and books about space and discussed our ideas about our world and the moon. We identified land and sea and even tried to find Harbury.





We designed patterned pants using repeating patterns. Just like Zoe, some of us decided to use the water tray to do some washing…!





Zoe and Beans landed on the moon. We looked at pictures of the moon and talked about the craters. In Maths, we made our own craters by dropping different sized rocks and stones into ‘moon dust’. We used the language of size to compare the craters; some of us used cubes to measure their size.









Zoe and Beans return to Earth by using a flag to make a parachute. We used plastic bags to make our own parachutes and dropped them from the play equipment tower to see if a lego man could land safely.





Maths Week: Maths Curse
Maths is all around us!
We found the ‘hidden maths’ in our school; in two groups we thought of Maths questions for the other group to answer- it took us on a tour around the whole school! Here are some examples:

How many windows are in the hall?
What shape are the tables in the staff room?
How many people work at our school?
How high are the coat pegs in the Junior corridor?
Describe where the screen is in the computer area? (Clue: Use positional words)

We interviewed some of the adults in our school to find out how they use Maths.
‘I use maths quite a lot. I need to add up all the dinners and work with the money’ Mrs Wilson, Office Manager
‘I loved maths at school! My class have been doing division,’ Miss Harris
‘Maths is all about numbers and calculating! It was my favourite subject at school.’ Miss Bunce

We made rocket fuel for the ‘Numicon rocket’ by finding ways of making 10.

Science Investigations: Materials
Betty and the Yeti
Which material would make a good hat for Betty?
We chose materials that we thought would keep Betty’s head warm. Our partner tested our predictions out by placing the piece of material on their head with an ice cube on top. They rated how cold their head felt using a scale. Some of us started to experiment with the best combinations of two pieces of material.

Happy New Year from Reception Class!
We hope you had a lovely Christmas!


Water Hunt
We have been on a water hunt around our school. We talked about how we use water and painted some ideas on our return to the classroom.








Autumn Term 2 2016
Reception Autumn 2 letter 2016-17
Reception Autumn 2 (A&B) Topic Web – Glitter and Glow 2016-17

Another busy half term in Reception…

Plop, the Baby Barn Owl
We have been reading ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’ and learning about nocturnal animals. We enjoyed acting out the story and writing descriptive labels and captions for the characters. We have been thinking about ‘speech’ in stories and using some of the phrases from the book in our role play.













In our classroom is ‘Plop’s nest’. We have enjoyed exploring the idea of light and dark through the use of the sensory tent. Using our writing kits, we have written stories and letters to Plop and left them inside his nest so he can read them.

We had a very exciting afternoon when Misty, a real barn owl, came to visit us at school. Diann taught us lots of facts about barn owls and we had the chance to touch some barn owl feathers, as well as seeing Misty fly; she was very quiet! Did you know… A Barn Owl can hear the heartbeat of a mouse from very far away.

Mr Neale, a volunteer for the Barn Owl Trust, made us a special barn owl box to camouflage. It will now be put up on a tree at a local farm to promote the conservation of barn owls in our area. We are hoping that a family of barn owls may choose to use it as their home- fingers crossed!

Understanding Light Sources





We went on a hunt around school spotting where light come from. We talked about electrical lights and natural light. Some of us had a go at using simple equipment to make a bulb light in an electrical circuit.

We have talked about keeping safe in the dark and designed and made our own reflective badges.

Outdoor Learning: Maths





During our work on Stickman, we investigated comparing length and positional language in the outdoor learning area. We sorted sticks into hoops depending on their size and took Stickman on a journey around the forest finding places for him to hide. We gave each other clues by using positional language such as ‘behind’, ‘above’, next to’ and ‘under.

Planting with Mr Chapman
We have started to plant bulbs in our outdoor area. We each are growing different herbs too!





Born in a Barn
We were brilliant shepherds in our Infant nativity play. We sang loud and smiled enthusiastically. At the moment, we are enjoying exploring the Christmas story in our outdoor role play area- the stable.

Autumn Term 1 2016 
Reception Autumn T1 Class Letter

Wow! Reception have has such a busy start to their first term here at Harbury! The children have settled in very well and are getting used to the daily routines.

Handa’s Hen and Handa’s surprise
Most recently, we have been looking at two stories set in Africa. Our role play area has become Handa’s fruit stall and we have enjoyed using our small world Africa environment.

  • We have made Handa’s baskets using weaving, collage and pastel work.
  • We tasted the fruits from the story and made a chart to show our favourites.
  • In PE, we have been moving in different ways to African music and we have made story maps of the story using stick puppets.
  • Using the story of Handa’s Hen, the children have counted and ordered numbers.
  • We practised writing some of the too!

Home-learning 1
Thank you to all of the parents who helped their children to create some home learning about their favourite things. We really enjoyed looking at them.

Mrs Honey’s Hat
The children have been looking at the story of Mrs Honey’s Hat. Following on from the Induction day in the summer term, the children have explored the story using all the area of the classroom.

We went on a hunt to find pictures from the story. It helped us know the important places in our school. In the maths area, we used our Maths skills to match and sort items from the story and we created cat mats for the cat show using Numicon. The children  have loved exploring our hat shop role play area. Some children made a tea party for Mrs Honey- just like in the story.

On Friday 9th September, Mrs Honey told Henry that it was her birthday. We had lots of fun writing birthday cards and birthday lists, creating birthday presents and making birthday cakes. We  had a little birthday party for her. Mrs Neale helped Mrs Honey to blow out the candles on our assembly birthday cake.
yr-mrs-honeys-hat-8 yr-mrs-honeys-hat-2 yr-mrs-honeys-hat-5 yr-mrs-honeys-hat-6 yr-mrs-honeys-hat-3 yr-mrs-honeys-hat-1









Roald Dahl Day
We had great fun on Roald Dahl Day! We all came dressed up and enjoyed activities based on his stories. Can you spot the pictures of the children making marvellous medicine or cleaning food out of Mrs Twit’s beard? Perhaps you can see us tasting some of the giant peach or even making BFG dream jars complete with written labels? An author called James came to visit us too- he told us silly stories! We loved it!