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Spring Term 1 2017_18
Reception Spring 1 Class Newsletter 2017-18
YR Spring 1 (B) Topic – Whats inside the toy box 20 17_18

So much has been happening in Reception so far this term…

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
We have been retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in our home corner.
We have been using the language of capacity using porridge oats.

Be there or Be Square
During the whole-school maths morning, we made squares in many different ways. Some of us investigated how many squares we could make using a certain number of lolly sticks whereas other children made squares out of Numicon. We completed many more activities about squares during our ‘Busy Learning’ time.

Betty and the Yeti Sledge-Making
We designed, made and evaluated sledges for Betty to use. We tested them using flat and bumpy ice.

“Betty fell out! It was funny!” Alice
“My sledge is too big to fit on the ice.” Ethan
“My sledge slid on the ice.” Sophia

Autumn Term 2 2017-18
YR Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017-18
YR Autumn 2 (B) Topic – Glitter and Glow 2017-18

Prickly Hay Nativity
What a brilliant Shrew Crew we all were! Singing, dancing and plenty of smiles for our friends and family!

Guru Nanak
Our RE topic this term is special people. We listened to the story of Guru Nanak and the snake. We all had a go at acting out the story pretending to be Nanak, the snake or the people who found him.

A Special Visitor….
We were very excited to be visited by Diann and her barn owl, Misty. Diann talked to us about a barn owl’s life in the wild.

Did you know that a barn owl can hear the heartbeat of a mouse from a long way away?

Did you know that a barn owl catches their food with their feet?









Mr Neale kindly made us a barn owl box for us to decorate. We talked about camouflage and used our handprints to add a camouflage design. This box will be put up in our local area to hopefully encourage more owls into our environment. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a family of barn owls decide to move in!

“You can’t really see it because it is the same colours as something else.” Harrison
“It looks like a tree because it is camouflaged!” Flynn
“I know army are camouflaged…on the grass” Arthur
“You can touch it but not really see it!” Emily





We have been exploring many books about owls and have been writing factual labels and captions to match the lifecycle of a barn owl. We have loved using ‘Plop’s nest’ to explore light and dark; some of us investigated making a bulb light using an electrical circuit.

Friendship Week and Parliament week
Last week, the children in Reception enjoyed taking part in the whole- school focus on friendship.
We listened to the story of ‘Imaginary Fred’. We created our own imaginary friends and wrote about them.

“Norman likes to splash in puddles!” Finlay
“Mine has rainbow hair” Ola-Rose
“My friend plays with me” Flynn

We have now got a ‘Kindness Stop’ in our classroom; whenever someone is kind to us, we add them to the ‘Kindness Stop’ to celebrate it.

Reception REALLY enjoyed meeting their Y4 learning buddy last week too. They helped eachother to create their ‘hand of kindness’. We can’t wait to see them again soon!

As part of Parliament Week, we talked about voting and had the chance to vote on a different idea every day as part of our ‘busy learning’ time.






The children listened to a story called ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ and make playdough representations of poppies.
The children took part in the whole-school two-minute silence.

Funnybones Measuring
The children ordered and measured the height of skeletons from the Funnybones story.

What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen?
The first story of our new topic ‘Glitter and Glow’ is a rhyming text all about the things you may find in a Witch’s kitchen. We have enjoyed spotting all the rhyming words and role-playing the story in our very own ‘Witch’s Kitchen’. We even had the chance to make edible magic wands, as well as yukky potions! Some of us built alternative flying machines for the Witch and others enjoyed making their own witch’s broom sticks from natural resources.

We have also thought about different festivals that occur during this time of year, including Diwali. We made Divas and Rangoli patterns.

Sponsored Obstacle Course- NSPCC Event

What a busy first week back!


Autumn Term 1 2017-18
YR Autumn 1 Newsletter 2017_18
YR Autumn 1 (B) Topic Web – Marvellous Me Autumn 2017-18

Three little Pigs Maths
Making Totals
We have been using pig dominoes to calculate totals. We counted two sets to find out how many we had altogether.
“ I counted them all! I have 8!” Fraser
“ I know this one is 6 because that one had 5 and 2 and that was 7. This one has 5 and 1 so that makes 6!” Olivia
“ I have lots of ways of making 10! 5 and 5 makes 10 too!” Alfie

The Little Red Hen
Making Bread
We have been learning about Harvest. As part of our sessions, we have shared the story of The Little Red Hen. We had great fun making our own bread! We even had the chance to share it with our families and friends.

Stay and Learn Sessions
Thank you to all the parents who came along to our ‘stay and learn’ sessions in Reception. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to learn alongside your child, whilst gaining a greater understanding on your child’s school experience. See you next time!

Exploring Capacity
We have been using the language of capacity in maths.
“This one is full!” Devin
“Mine is still empty!” Arthur

Exploring Our Senses
During the final week of this half term, Reception have been exploring their five senses:
Sight: Comparing eye colour; designing and making glasses
Hearing: Playing sound lotto; creating music using a computer programme; making musical instruments.
Smell: Identifying mystery smells
Taste: Making Bread; learning about how to keep our mouths healthy.
Touch: Investigating the different textures of materials; printing with paint

We have had great fun!

What an exciting first half term. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Enjoy your holiday!

Autumnal Maths
This week we have been measuring mass using balance scales. We have been using the words ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ to compare the weight of conkers.
“The two sides are balanced” Flynn
“This one’s heavier” Charlie







Helping the Three Little Pigs
We received a letter from the Three Little Pigs asking for our help; their brick house is far too small for them so they wanted us to design some more wolf-proof houses.

We worked in pairs to design and make a house, before testing them with a huffing, puffing, wolf-like hairdryer!

Handa’s Surprise
This week we have started to look at the stories about Handa. The story of Handa’s Hen helped us to order numbers correctly and begin to write them, identifying ‘more’ or ‘less’.
As part of our work on Handa’s Surprise, we had the chance to taste some of the fruits and decide which one was our favourite. We then created a pictogram.

“ Pineapple has the most” Bella
“Pineapple and Banana are almost the same!” Jake
“We need to find one more to make Banana the same as Pineapple” Finlay

What a fun fortnight!
Reception have made an excellent start at Harbury Primary School.
We have been focusing on the story of Mrs Honey’s Hat with the children having the opportunity to encounter things from each part of the story during Busy Learning Time.
They have been encouraged to explore each of the areas in our classroom, including our new mud kitchen area, working together to learn the new rules and routines.
Well done!