Maths Week

The Math Curse
Inspired by the book “The Math Curse” by Jon Scieszka, all the children at Harbury have been looking for examples of real life maths. Once  you start looking you can’t stop! Maths is everywhere! Please come and visit our display in the entrance hall for examples of the children’s work.

The Rabbit Problem
If you have detected a slight wiff of carrots around school this week you can put it down to the fact that the whole school has been using the text ‘The Rabbit Problem’ as the basis on which to do many different mathematical activities.  The text, by Emily Gravett, is set out in calendar form and based on Fibonacci’s sequence.  Children have been measuring, estimating, doubling, designing hutches, cooking, writing and of course eating, all in the name of mathematical enquiry.

Thank you to Miss Fowler for the inspiration and organisation, to all staff for their enthusiastic response to the challenge and of course to the children.



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