Thank YOU
A big thank you to everyone for filling 150+ bags which weighed in at an incredible 776.8kg (a normal school pick up is about 250kg) which raised £388.40 for the school funds.

Thanks to Leanna for coordinating all the activity, Clare and David for transport and Clare’s mum and dad for lending their camper van for the week….
Please place tied bags of unwanted clothes and shoes at any time in the clothing bin at the front of school – it raises enough to buy 2 ipads a year!
With thanks
Your PTA

Warwick University Science Fair 2018
On Tuesday 27th March, Olivia, Charlie, Evan, Oliver, Peyton, Archie and Joe competed with other Warwickshire schools in a science project competition.  They all went to Warwick University to exhibit their projects where a team of judges discussed their work with them. They also got an opportunity to hear a fascinating lecture called, ”What are we made of?” and take a tour round the university campus. Everyone was super proud of Olivia when she won first place in the EYFS category. Many thanks to Dr Hartwright for making this event possible and the Ogden Trust for their sponsorship.

A guide for parents is designed to support mums, dads and carers in developing positive relationships with their children. In turn, this will help to strengthen emotional resilience and wellbeing, so children are able to bounce back from life’s various challenges.

World Kindness Day, Anti-bullying Week and Children in Need
The whole school took part in a paired reading and art activity to celebrate World Kindness Day, Anti-bullying Week and Children in Need.  Here are children, from across the whole school, working together to create a whole school display of Hands for Kindness before having some time to read together.

Year 2/3/4 NSPCC Disco-dance-athon!

On Friday the hall was full of glow sticks as the year 2/3/4 children danced their socks off to raise money for NSPCC. Thank you for sponsoring them – they were brilliant!

Year 3/4 WOW day
Oh my goodness! Year 3 and 4 really impressed us with their fabulous costumes on Thursday morning! After a catwalk in the hall they went into groups to make clay jewellery and weave cloth. In the afternoon we created freeze frames based on the book “Stone Age Bone Age” and had a hunter and gatherers picnic.

Replacement Perimeter Fencing Works
The Council have started work on the Park Lane section of the school fence. There will be no access through Park Lane entrance for the rest of this week. The main school entrance is open for access.

Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause.

Earthworm groups have been hard at work in our school grounds now that Autumn has struck! The Reception children had a wonderful time digging up the old weeds, raking up the leaves and finding many different minibeasts too.


Dear Parents,
It’s the last day of term and we just wanted to share with you, the amazing success that we have all worked so hard to achieve recently.

In the last month, we have raised a total of £5,000 for Harbury Primary School. We are absolutely over the moon and you should be too. We really couldn’t do it without all the help and support from parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, local businesses and the wider community. THANK YOU!

Have a wonderful Summer and we will see you in September.

Reena,Helen,David and Julie

Second-hand School uniform wanted.
Harbury Primary School and Church are collecting non-logo school uniform to donate to Carriers of Hope, Coventry.

Carriers of Hope are a charity who support families with refugee or asylum seeker status. Read more here…

Lego WeDo
On Wednesdays, our class, Year 5 have been working with Lego WeDo in the computer suite. We have been building models and programming them to bring them to life. In this video you can see how two groups worked together to build a footballer and a goalie. As you can see, we had a ball!

Each Friday, under the direction of Mrs Crowder and with the help of members of staff, different groups of children stay behind after school to do a little gardening. They sew seeds, plant seedlings, weed and tidy to keep our school gardens and planting areas looking great. The fantastic, spacious, new greenhouse is being put to great use!