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Art project
Children from Y1 up to Y6 helped to create our mosaic cross for the school’s entrance.
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Parliament Week in Key Stage 2

Last week, across the country it was Parliament Week. This is an initiative designed to increase children’s understanding of and participation in the democratic process. Professor Tim Lockley, Chair of the Parish council, started the week for us by talking to Key Stage 2 about his role, the role of the Parish Council and how the children can get involved.He then returned later in the week to work more closely in Year 5 and 6 on how to spend budgets and how hard decisions can be to make. One of the new skills that the new curriculum asks us to develop with children is that of debating so on Friday, a motion was proposed that: ‘This house believes that there should only be healthy snacks at Harbury Primary School’. The children worked in their houses to take on one side and to present their points before a vote took place.

Here are the views of each house:

Lions view
This house believes that we should be allowed to choose our own snack at break time. It is good to be independent; therefore we should choose our own snacks! Children should have a right to choose what they want to eat and not be forced to eat what they don’t want to eat.  If children get to eat what they want they will be more optimistic to their learning.

Don’t you agree?

Foxes view
In Foxes we believe that a healthy diet is essential in life and leads the way to a better, happier, healthier world. We also found that 80% of people who eat fresh fruit and vegetables are happier and more content with life and generally lead a better adult-hood.

Healthy foods are better for the body and give it the essentials it needs in life, we need in life. We will help find a suitable food company. We need to eat healthy food at break to make the optimum environment for a healthy lifestyle.

Dolphins view
This house believes that children should be happy and what makes them happy are treats.  Children should make their own choice this is a country with democracy!

The children’s families might not be able to provide healthy snacks.
Children could have allergies or be fussy.
Children should be able to enjoy break.
Teachers get to choose so why can’t we.
Did you ever have a chance to choose what you had at break? Well it will be a completely fantastic opportunity, did you know chocolate is good for your teeth?

This is a country of democracy, you should have a chance to do what you WANT!

Crocodiles view
This house believes that healthy food should be used for snacks at break time. We think that children should have healthy snakes to keep them fit, healthy and strong. Children should have healthy food so they don’t make mistakes like eating too much and getting bigger.

As a Church of England school we should agree that it is the right thing to eat fruit and vegetables. If you eat too many sweets and chocolate then you will be poorly and miss important education.


We will let children choose their fruit or vegetables to keep their energy levels up. We think they should choose but say try to have healthy.

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