School council

What is the School Council?
Harbury School believe that children have an important voice and the school council is one way that pupils are represented.

There are 12 children on the school council, two from every year group from the Reception class to year 6. The children meet regularly to discuss matters and exchange ideas and opinions, they then report back to their classes, gather information and take part in many projects that have been collected.

First School Council Meeting of 2017
This week we has our first School Council meeting of the new school year.
We started by introducing ourselves and deciding on some rules for
how School Council meetings should be run.

Next, we did an activity where we decided what sort of topics we would and wouldn’t be able to discuss at the School Council meetings.

Finally, we thought about some ideas that might make the school a better place. We decided that we would have an ideas box for each classroom so they can get their thoughts and suggestions to the School Council more easily.

Look out for the Ideas Boxes coming to a classroom near you soon!