World War 1

Parents and family members joined us for an open afternoon to look at the work the all the children had done during our WW1 week.

Read some of the comments from children and parents/carers.

‘Brilliant day – loved the participation of all the classes and the songs.’

WW1 open afternoon5 WW1 open afternoon4 WW1 open afternoon3




‘It was very enjoyable and lovely to see ALL the children’s work as well as my own child’s.’ 

‘What a fantastic project. Thank you for our invite. Loved the singing and seeing all the work in the classrooms.’

WW1 open afternoon2 WW1 open afternoon1 WW1 open afternoon6




‘Wonderful displays, songs and writing from the children. Brought tears to my eyes.’

‘I thought it was a very good project. It is important for all of us to remember all of the soldiers in World War 1.’

WW1 open afternoon7

‘I found it really fun and I liked the trench and doing the poppy pictures too.’




Some of the WW1 displays from around our school

Model trenches, stained glass poppies, remembering the war animals that were killed and making an actual trench!

WW1 displays22 WW1 displays26 WW1 displays12 WW1 displays11 WW1 displays19 








Year 5 were inspired by the book Archie’s War by Marcia Williams, which tells the story of young Archie and his family’s home life during the war. It is presented in the style of a scrapbook, so we decided to make our own scrapbooks about the war. We illustrated our work in a cartoon style and we did some great sketches from the trenches.