School Council minutes from meetings

2nd March 2015

  • Safer Internet Day: Thanks to all who entered Safer Internet poster competition. Prize winners announced on World book Day. Small prize for every entry.  Posters to be photographed make a slide show for the website and displays.
  • New Council: To take over after Easter. Joe and Eleanor to stay on to help with transition.
  • Playground Helping Hands: Lily and Ethan to help supervise playground helping hands. Seems to be working well. Very visible and also on the school website.
  • New School Council: Classes need to start to think about who to elect. Reception to join in.
  • Remember to try to model good behaviour. Also to sweep the Reception outdoor area please.
  • Lunch time lining up: Still needs work. Children have visited Ms Guymer with suggestions. MDS to choose best behaved classes to go in order.
  • School Council to meet Governors: World Book Day 9.15


27th January 2015

  • Hi-Vis jackets: Yr 5 now have Hi-Vis jackets. Lily and Ethan are setting up a rota. Playground will be zoned. This will start on Mon 2nd. Details to follow.
  • Play Equipment: Unfortunatly, Ms Guymer has met with health and safety experts and we can’t use the outdoor play equipment before and after school.
  • Internet Day: 9th February is safer internet day. School Council will run an E-Safety poster competition. This must be done at home. The prize will be a WHSmith voucher. An A4 piece of paper is to be used. Ask your teacher for some.
  • Comic Relief: This year we aren’t focusing on Comic Relief but we will give it a big push next year. The reason is we are supporting  many other national and local charaties which are in our school calendar.
  • Lunchtimes: Ask Ms Guymer if we can change how we go into dinner House groups aren’t very popular. Can we come up with some positive changes?


10th November 2014

  • Shoe Box Appeal
    Please remind deadline Nov 18th – a van will collect boxes.
  • Children in Need: Pudsey Colouring Competition and Guess how many smarties competition. 20p for both competitions, School Council to sell in Reception classroom all week. Money collection in Fri Assembly 14th so people can donate. No Non Uniform this time.
  • Playground Helpers: Years 5 are to be Playground helpersMrs Rea to sort with Miss Brain. Groups of 8. 8 areas. Rules nearly ready for launch. Hi-Vis jackets to be designed.
  • Fund-raiser
    Reminder Christmas Jumper Day 12th November.
  • Friday assemblies
    Children to discuss whether to introduce Entertainment.


2nd October 2014 

  • School council badges
    These were given out at the meeting.
  • Safe Play
    Look at Playground helper sign-up sheet. Interviews will be during Monday afternoon playtime. Pupils will have to say why they would be good for the job.
  • Operation Christmas Child
    Check the shoe boxes. Take out any out of date objects. Put in entrance hall. We are waiting to give out leaflets next week.
  • Children in Need
    Therte will be the usual Pudsey Bear Colouring and Smartie Competitions. Date to be checked. Mrs Rea to get Smarties. School Council to photo copy Pudsey’s.
  • Save the Children
    To raise money for this cause there will be a Wear A Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 12th December.


14th September 2014

  • New School Council
    School Council members from last year  to stay in office until January to ease transition to new classes and help new Head settle in.
  • New Play Area
    School Council to discuss safety  with their class and come up with some rules which will then be agreed at the next meeting.No children on play equipment before and after school due to health and safety/staff monitoring for a trial period. Agreed we need children playtime assistants – maybe children in upper juniors. A sheet will be available and any child wishing to become a playtime assistant should sign up saying why you would be a good person for the job. This will be discussed in a Monday Assembly.
  • Playground Equipment
    To coordinate rota for large play equipment and also to help organise the new equipment (ordered from Sainsbury’s Vouchers) Talk to dinner ladies. Mrs Clarke, Mrs Knapp and Mrs Harris have been on a course for playground play. They can help Playground helpers.
  • Operation Shoe box
    Mrs Rea to order posters leaflets etc. draft a letter to go out by end of September. School council to help run an assembly to promote this. Reminder letters on Parents Evening.
  • Sponsored Walk
    Posters to be made to remind children to get sponsors for the Sponsored walk.
  • Conker Competition
    Talk to Mrs Kluth about.
  • Chess Club
    Josh in Year 6 wants to set up a Chess Club. Year 6 to talk to Headteacher.
  • Order new badges

Meet soon to choose Play assistants


April 2014
Talked about questions to ask new Head Candidates. Agreed we will show candidates around and ask our own questions during the two day interview process

Things we would like to keep:
Top Table
Play ground pals (suggest juniors to come and play on infant playground)

Review of House lunch orders, if we are quieter can we go back to where we can sit?

Suggestion; Can we eat packed lunches outside?

Wish List
Decent footballs
Bouncy balls
Wire skipping ropes
Markings on field
Tag Rugby equipment
Football posts


March 2014
A special meeting was called to discuss the appointment of a new Headteacher.

  • Council to ask classes and parents views about what we would like to ask delegates at an Interview.
  • Members of the New School Council will help on the two interview days.
  • All ideas to be returned to Mrs Rea’s desk drawer by 21.3.14